White House: Will Veto House Iran Bills

The White House said Tuesday that President Trump will veto two bills currently in the House that threaten to restrict the president’s ability to wage war with Iran, according to The Hill.

MY COMMENT: I don’t see these bills even passing the Senate so the veto will not be needed.

Another empty gesture by the House o’ Representin’.

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And also another waste of the peoples’ time and money.

Par for the course in a room with 435 career criminals. :man_shrugging:

It will just join the many hundreds of bills passed by the House of Reps that M McConnell is unwilling to have a vote on in the Senate.

Damn!! No president in history has ever vetoed a bill.

Amen to that!

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…and the losers keep Ling.:sunglasses:

Fake news. They are concurrent resolutions and dont go to the presidents desk for a signature. So theres that