White House: Trump open to discussing letting Russia question US citizens

“There was some conversation about it, but there wasn’t a commitment made on behalf of the United States,” Sanders said. “The president will work with his team and we’ll let you know if there’s an announcement on that front.”

No one has been tougher on Russia. No one.

Under what precedent would the president be able to compel an American citizen to make themselves available to a hostile foreign nation?

I don’t know…I think we need a little more finger waving, grandstanding, television coverage, denials, immunity given, plus deadlines and NOTHING happening before we bring in the Russians. We aren’t there yet…oh wait?

Did you see who they want to question? They’re all American opponents of Putin.

Ummm is this supposed to mean something?

Tommy, nothing means anything anymore.

they were already wanting to get that Turkish dude extradited, this is the logical next step and unlike before, there is no strong state department or president to protect them

Flynn more than likely wanted to let the Turks kidnap that guy. On American soil.

This ■■■■ is so crazy it’s tough to believe it’s real. If Trump hands them over, and I don’t care what the quid pro quo is, I will one hundred percent believe that he’s a Russian agent.

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If they do try to hand em over, i cant imagine there wouldn’t be an immediate walkout of every single civil service workers worldwide

I am trying, with great difficulty at this point, to chalk this all up to Trump’s idiocy, incompetence and his bromance with dictators.

It’s reaching the point that there isn’t going to be much choice in conclusions.

I saw what you did there…

Don’t forget he once again questioned the purpose of NATO as well as took a steaming dump on Montenegro.

I think the correct answer here was supposed to be “No. we are absolutely not open to that.” Amazing.

Gitmo would be an excellent site for these interrogations.

The real question here is that if this isn’t because he’s stupid-not stupid like a fox, just incompetent and dumb-what possible conclusions can you draw from his actions?

US citizens?

Oh yes, I am familiar with McFaul and Browder via Twitter.

I’ve had tacos three days in a row this week!

Nope…I read it in a fortune cookie.