White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass

Don’t hold your breath.

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I figured after 2 hours I would be well educated by now. :wink:

Nothing’s different. It’s just as stupid as it was when other administrations did it.

Well, it’s the WHCA booting Ateba. The White House booted Acosta.

There’s also this from the article:

A person familiar with the matter said Ateba still has access to White House press briefings and his WHCA membership was not revoked.

The source said Ateba has not met the WHCA’s requirements to provide employment verification, despite repeated requests, in order to renew his membership.

:rofl::+1:t5: D⁶

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did the white house pull the guys pass?

apples and oranges.


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he still has access to white house briefings that acosta did not.


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Yup. As it stands right now, this is just another bogus both sides retcon exercise

And the usual suspects ate it right up. Again.

Sheople, regurgibleat, troughs, yada, yada, yada.

Bet you hate the MSM reporters now because they refuse to ask Biden a serious question now huh! :grinning:

They should have tossed his sorry behind out on the WH lawn.

Bouncer style toss.

how dare he pose a hard question to the POTUS at the time?

softball questions only.


Too funny considering the current occupant.

Did he assault an intern?


How dishonest. You know why they had had enough and it wasn’t a hard question that was the straw.

Speaking of hard questions and reporters grilling the President, how’s your boy doing in that department?

What hypocrisy and double standards.


“Toxic masculinity” and “misogyny” can be ignored if it’s the right person doing the deed.


In the nba your hand is considered part of the ball, as it is with a microphone and a journalist asking a question. The intern assaulted Jim Acosta trying to rip his hand off when lunging for the mic.

That is not remotely true.


has biden ousted a network media person from asking questions, when he does get back to me.



Good one!


Horse hockey