White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass

That is not what Sarah Sanders said when she sent out a press releases stating why they took his press pass.

They have conveniently ignored that Sanders called out Acosta as abusive to women- with a nice Alex Jones tampered video to smear him. But now it’s all about decorum and politeness. Give me a ■■■■■■■ break.

Tomorrow is the day…

Trump’s base:

He has given his deplorables all of the reason they felt they needed to lift the veil.

But did he kneel for anthem?

Well… we have answer…

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Womp womp.

Great news to start my day. Thank you.

Great news! We can partially thank Fox News for this ruling.

Are the Trumpists tired of all the winning yet?

I’m impressed with all their fancy legalling…


Eat your peas libz.

Hello trump…I’m backkkkkkkkk

It’s a TRO. A little early to declare victory, though I suspect this to end in CNN and Acosta’s favor.

No brainer legal opinion. First and fifth amendment. Trump appointee.

Easy call.


The judge was clear about not ruling on the 1st amendment aspect. He issued the TRO based on the 5th. That leaves wiggle room for the administration until the 1st amendment aspect is actually addressed and resolved.

Ah… the good ol’ days…

Watch it be (D)ifferent


Good find. Have not seen this yet.

I seen this last night on Tucker…first thought what is different.

Maybe some lib here will explain it for me.