White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


You are not the only one who is disgusted. If you count me, that makes two.


Lol. Wanna place a wager on that actually happening?


I think most of America was disgusted with what Acosta did to that intern.


That sounds like a lot of people. I had a feeling America would agree with me.


America should always agree with popcorn.


Not an intern.


Acosta should’ve known better.


There around here some place. :wink:


I wonder why the woman hasn’t said anything about the assault?


Prob PTSD… she lucky she still got that arm…


What a terrible man Trump is to send that defenseless woman to subdue an animal like that. Pathetic. Trunp should be ashamed.


She should at least sue him.


A gentleman never touches a lady without her permission. He wasn’t brought up right.


Maybe that way Trump would pick up Acostas legal fees. lol.



Acosta has a history. He was doing exactly what he always does. He should have been banned a long time ago.

Now he is.

I think it’s going to take a few more such bannings to return reporters to some semblance of decorum. Maybe previous presidents let them get away with it. Trump’s not going to.

You may not see anything wrong with the way Acosta conducts himself at press conferences, but then again, that’s pretty much the way many libs on this board behave, so it might look perfectly normal to you.

Trump is president. Not the media. Whether or not you think he deserves a different level of respect because of his office, he’s going to get it – and it may take a belligerence that’s going to rattle his detractors.


Why would Trump pay the legal fees of the Enemy of the American People?


Because he offered to pay the legal fees of supporters that might find themselves accused of assault…

He wouldnt. It was a joke…


Donald only pays the legal fees of patriots. Liberals need not apply.


It’s good to be the king.

You’re pretending this is something that happened for the first time. Acosta has been an ass throughout Trump’s presidency. Trump allowed it to go on far longer than he should have.


He doesnt even pay his own contractors. Seemingly only cuts checks to keep mistresses quiet.

Im guessing you’re gonna fit right in here on the boards. lol. Welcome.