White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


Why is Trump allowed to be rude and argumentative and not everyone else?

He started the rudeness by interrupting Acosta only a few words in.


I m not sure it would be possible for lefties to be more boring and predictable. No matter the question the answer is “it’s Trump’s fault”.

Oh…my plane is ready to board I m sure if I check back in two weeks the question will still be “what happened today” and the answer will be “Trump did it”!


Nice dodge.

We get it. Trump is allowed to be an asshat, interrupt, stomp around the stage like a toddler that got his crayons taken away for drawing on the walls, but the second an enemy of the people pushes back, Trump goes back on his word and revokes press credentials.


Remember when the partisan Republicans didn’t believe ANY politicians. Now they’re extinct like the Tea Party.


For God’s sake, watch the exchange. Trump starts the asshattery by interrupting Acosta nearly as soon as he started speaking. Acosta was an asshat, too. But this is the America repubs and cons want. Gloves off, no PC, no snowflakes. Trumpers don’t seem to like it when others play Trumps game and go toe to toe with him.

They just want every one to get behind them in line to kiss the ring.


The press corps actually does a pretty good job of policing each other. Also they will usually defend one another when one is wronged.

I’m interested in knowing how Acosta got that seat in the first row, right in front of Trump


I’m his personal shopper. He’s bought lots. Believe me.


I agree.

I don’t think Acosta’s a big enough star so that women would let him do it.


The absurdity in this thread from republicans demanding civility towards trump, who is nasty, uncivil, rude, offensive and demeaning to so many. Trump has set the tone and he doesn’t deserve anything he is my willing g to give himself.


I hope more resporters find the guts to act like Acosta.


Remember when republicans thought calling the president a liar during his state of the union was perfectly acceptable? Now they want to control how reporters ask question in a public press conference. Shamelessly pathetic from republican snowflakes.


Me too. And more Presidents find the guts to take their meal cards when they do.


Really is amazon a New Yorker is showing repugs how it’s done.

Anyone thinks president Rubio would have done it?


The main hypocrisy is that they’re totes cool with Trump acting like an ass, but no one else is allowed to. “Play by my rules, or I’m taking my ball and going home. And the rules say I win no matter who has the most points. Neener neener.”


The strange thing is that you even had to post this. He was literally doing his job… asking a question of the POTUS after he was called on by the POTUS. His question was absolutely relevant, concerning a comment he had made just days prior regarding the supposed “invasion”. I get the distinct impression that some Trumpsters don’t even think this POTUS should be questioned… it’s flat out mind-boggling insane.

But what’s killing me is the way they’re framing Acostas hand touching her arm as almost some sort of assault. Laughable on its face. And we’re the snowflakes? lol.

But you’re 100% right… ever since the press began asking questions about potential ties to Russia, that’s when he started his whole “enemy of the people” tirade. He even had the balls to continue this ■■■■ right after that deranged dude sent the ■■■■■■■ pipe bomb to CNN. Who does that ■■■■?

Now after saying all that, Im not a big fan of Acosta and think he shouldve just sat down after his spiel and let the NBC reporter go on. At that point I think he was intentionally trying to get a rise from the POTUS, essentially sinking to his own level. But even so, nothing he did comes even close to warrant losing his pass.


Acosta will be arrested for assault in the coming days.

You just can’t do that kind of thing anymore.



Not at all, Rubio is at least a respectable guy.

You really get off on this, eh?


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I feel like I watched a different press conference than some of these people here. And to address the elephant in the room, the intern was very good looking.


Thank you.

I’m hoping to find more like minded people here.