White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


Don’t you agree that it was rude of Trump to interrupt Acosta before he could even finish his first question?

Whether you agree it is one or not, Acosta should have been able to finish his question without being interrupted, don’t you agree?

I thought the cool move was stomping around your podium like a toddler when you’re mad you lost bigly in the midterms, just fired your AG because he wouldn’t bend at the knee to kiss the ring, and are trying to brush away the OMG SCARY IMMIGRANT CARAVAN INVASION now that the election is over.


No, he wasn’t . He first declared the press the enemy of the people last year. Here’s the tweet where he did so.

If reporting on his past misogynistic behavior and potential ties to Russian organized crime (again as the single most powerful person in the world) is “mocking, taunting or disrespecting”, then why the hell do we even have a press corps?


In my opinion, Acosta wasn’t asking a question. He was orating.

I’ll say this: It’s not just Acosta who does that. Many in the press corps spin and frame their “questions” far too much.

Just ask the damned question. If follow-up to the answer is warranted, then ask a follow-up question.

If you can’t ask the question in one sentence, then it’s not really a question.

Reporters should be limited to 5 or 10 seconds to ask their questions. If they exceed the limit, they get the buzzer.


I’ll also say that I don’t see Acosta accosting or assaulting anyone in the video – doctored or undoctored. He was just being an ass.

Once the President says to sit down, it’s time to sit down and relinquish the mike.


Nope. He hasn’t bought anything since Trump got elected. His tax dollars are being used to help rape victims.


Yes he was. It started the day he announced. Don’t try to re-write history.


Cool Sneaky, good for you it’ll be real easy to pull a link or two, since ya know, everything’s archived.

Just one or two “mocking, taunting or disrespecting”… because when he assumed office, the two big things int he headlines were 1) his misogynistic comments & behavior and 2) the Russian-ties gaining traction.

Just a couple… make me eat crow.


Look it up yourself.

Are the Russians the reason the dems won the house?


i think the first (and only) indication that Trump doesn’t need to be questioned (as a politician) was when he sent his son to negotiate with his mistress. that’s christian billboard trustworthy material right there tater.


Acosta had his time. He asked his question…actually that’s wrong he gave his opinion and defied the President to disagree with him…which the president did. Acosta then tried to enter into a debate and hog the microphone preventing that young woman from doing her job and taking it to the next person. And was physical enough with her to satisfy me. Jim Acosta wants to be the center of the damn universe…he’s really just a second rate opinion guy masquerading as a reporter and got the smack down he deserved.

I can’t believe idiots are claiming she got into his space…seriously she was doing her damn job. You people have seriously got to get a grip.


I’m in a bipartisan mood. Enjoy your crow. Cah! Cah!


Those were from the 2016 primaries… should I expound on the meaning of “assumed office”? At that time, literally everyone was laughing at him…


None of this was necessary if Acosta had demonstrated just a little civility. Instead of “you know the caravan isn’t an invasion like you said” and actual question like “why do you think the caravan was an invasion” would have been find.
This was a news conference, not the Acosta v. Trump televised debate.

There has to be a point where a journalist can be so obtrusive and argumentative and hogging of time that it becomes obvious he does not belong there.

This is just a question of where one thinks that line should be drawn.


That’s when it started. When he announced. Just like I said. Do you need me to expound on the meaning of “when he announced”?


Mea Culpa… I’ll concede you did say “when he announced”. Had to go back and see…

I’ll have my crow then…


You are exactly right. So called journalists like Acosta are just there to spew the leftist narrative anyway.

He asked his “question”, which wasn’t a question, and then proceeded to try to start an argument. The president answered his question, listened to some blather after the answer, called on another reporter and then Acosta refused to be cooperative with the president, the young woman who was just doing her job, or the rest of the room. He was rude and argumentative and really got exactly what he deserved.


^ If Donald Trump has accomplished anything (for his own protection of course), it’s in this post.


See you folks who need some government official to set the “tone” for them don’t get it.

I was using that phrase on the old board way before Trump. Acosta has always been a fraud…he’s one of the reasons I quit CNN long ago.

Fortunately he’s on CNN so the only people who see much of his crap are reading subtitles at the airport.


Trump was already interrupting Acosta when he was only a few words and seconds into what he had to say. Wouldn’t you agree that was rude?

On the whole I agree with you but I think we see it much worse during Congressional hearings. Congressmen from both sides love grandstanding more than they love investigating. We should start there, IMO.


Perhaps Trump shouldn’t have interrupted just moments after Acosta began speaking. Trump instigated the situation.