White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


I watched the video. I don’t think Costa’s attitude was really appropriate, neither was Trump’s. He shouldn’t have continued to keep asking questions, and Trump shouldn’t have been barking back the way he did. Neither one of them acted like adults. Costa was unprofessional and escalated the situation by not letting Trump finish the answer to his question before asking another one.

As for the making contact, I think that is completely overblown, I didn’t see any intention there, and the intern shouldn’t have reached across his arm and his body to take the mic. I’ve watched it several times and his hand was coming down as she reached across under it, it was accidental.


Trump works for us.

Man, the conservatives who want politicians to be accountable have all but disappeared. Just one more thing that Trump help expose.


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who remembers when the Obama Administration tried to limit Fox News’ access to the press pool? Every single media outlet including CNN fought back against it until the Obama Administration reversed the decision.

Pepperidge Farms remembers.


Yep. Make it easier to cut and paste responses from it.


We’re all missing a bigger part of the story.

Donald Trump has proven, both personally and professionally, to be trustworthy. Why question him now that he’s also a politician?


Remember when Trump said he wouldn’t remove press credentials if he won, and that the press was too easy on Obama?


Unfortunately I’m not creative enough to make up a story that nuts.

That’s how bad this administration is getting.


His volume of lying is just massive.


You are hilarious.

It is an invasion. Not armed, but dangerous for everyone…Not a good idea.

Go ahead and drop the mic. I thought THAT was the cool move.


I don’t know what that is.


I disagree with the last motion being accidental. But good post.


I want him impeached.


Bump it. Jacobs is a girl?


No it wasn’t…he karate chopped her arm.


Luckily for her it was at the exact spot where her elbow bends.

She could have gotten hurt otherwise.


No he didn’t.


Yes…by kung fu master.


Right. It was kung fu. Conan doesn’t know about this stuff.


By that definition it was his property as much as it was yours. He had every right to hold onto it.