White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


Well. That is one man’s opinion.


She should have stayed arms length away.

She didn’t



Obama was president for eight years, not two.


Look at them, laughing ike Romans watching gladiators kill Christian slaves. Sad.


Well then, she’s lucky that all she got was a mild brush on the arm. He would have been well within his right to down her right there.


Stay out of a man’s face and you won’t get his arm making contact with your elbow.

It is really as simple as that.


Christians support Donald Trump. One of the sleaziest men in our country.

Donald Trump. Christians.

We’re going to need a new word. Hypocritical isn’t strong enough.


Same here.



Nonsense. Her reaction indicates otherwise.

Acosta wasted his 90 seconds debating the opinion of the instead of reporting on Presidential issues.



It was seen as a great thing in Montana. Body slamming, that is.


We’re not in the schoolyard anymore.


He should have…right there on national television.

And then seat back and watch “some” libs defend it. :sunglasses:


I remember the good old days when small government conservatives were very suspicious of politicians and wanted them to be held accountable by the people.

Now it just feels like they’re backing a mafia boss.


it’s OK to get in people faces, insult, harass em and do whatever you want without any repercussion.


That’s back when my mom and dad were huffing Glenn Beck’s show on a nightly basis, misquoting Thomas Paine, and swearing that they were libertarian INDEPENDENTS, not Republicans. And then a little later, My Liberal Media was running nonsense like this:


When was that again? Like, 1975?


It was gang rape.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: atta boy! Stick to The Narrative!


He had my property she was responsible for in his hand. He’s a thief and I authorize her to recover my stolen goods.


Amazing post. Love it.