White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


man, that’s so true. he’s a master at that.


I agree. Very poorly played indeed. No need to make it worse than the rape it is.


I know.

I hope her arm heals up from the vicious finger brush it got.


Not fingers, forearm. Not brush.


He shove her aside at 1:28 and 1:30. He had a minute and a half of the President’s time and refused too yield to another colleague.

Question answered.


Sure it can. Refusing to accept the President’s opinion on a matter…


What video?


Excellent post. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Trump and his supporters are completely devoid of any principles.

They gleedully defend assault by their side, while making up assault by the other side. Apparently if you’re from the right you can beat up and sexually assault women with impunity.


She tweeted it this morning. There was a thread here earlier but it was deleted.


So you don’t think someone who criticizes Acosta for bad behavior, but praises Trump and continues to support him, is a hypocrite. That’s weird.

Then the people supporting one would support the other.

How much higher than “chief WH correspondent at one of the biggest new outlets in the world” can he get?

Whether I’m fine with it is irrelevant. I simply find it appalling and hypocritical that a person would justify Trump’s behavior while calling out Acosta’s.


This should have happened LONG ago.


Well there was no need to doctor it, the original basically shown the same thing just more natural speed.

Either way Acosta tried to prevent her for getting the mic.


You may want to watch it again. At 1:28, she attempts to reach across his hand that is already in the air. There was no shove.

At 1:30, she reached under his arm that is already moving downward. There was no shove.

I see where your confusion is, though. There were not shoves. There was an intern reaching around the moving arm of a journalist who was gesturing toward Trump.

Glad I could clear that up for you.


She reached into his space. She shouldn’t have done that.

They should have just cut his mic and moved on to the next question.


He was just firmly warning her.


I have it on good authority from a long time poster that one should stay an arms length away.


Warning her?


That’s right you should,


No, With Acosta you have video evidence that he didn’t assault anyone, with Kavanaugh you have a credible first-hand account of an assault. Trumpists are in a constant state of confusion about truth and reality.


What kid of a chicken is Trump to send a defenseless woman to subdue a hostile enemy like Acosta? What a pathetic man Trump is. Sad.