White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


Yes, more reporters should prevent press room staffers from doing their jobs. This time put some stank on it.


She shouldn’t have gotten in his face. Did she even ask him for the mic or just get in his face and try to take it?


She’s not supposed to talk to the special people. Did you not see her kneeling down to stay out of the shot?


Double standard. Why are you avoiding addressing the double standard?

I’ve asked you over and over again. Why do you hold them to different standards?


About 68% of the American public dislike the media who only have themselves to blame for their bad reputation and many of us are glad to see major pushback against the media on the level of the Presidency as it gives voice to what Americans feel and resonates with regular people who have a beef with biased news. President Trump from the beginning of his campaign has fought back against the media and has continued to do so throughout his Presidency and that is definitely something I personally appreciate.

As our host Sean Hannity has said many times that real journalism is DEAD in this country and I say that thanks to LIBERALISM! All we have now is clowns and buffoons coming out of “junk” journalism schools.


Who elected Acosta?


Right here…



Nice dodge. Try again:

Trump supporters have been cheering on and justifying this type of behavior since he first decided to run so why is it Acosta now not allowed to get away with it too?

Why are you OK with a double standard?


Timestamp. A picture isn’t context. We need to know the moment in the video you take issue with. So give a timestamp.


I don’t. Your phrasing could use work. But I have answered you.


Here’s a close up



It’s a shocking reality check when he’s not talking to folks on Fox, isn’t it?


There’s nothing wrong with the plain, every day English I used. It was very clear.

So you find BOTH Trump’s and Acosta’s behavior a problem? So then that must also mean that you think those who continue to support Trump, but support removing Acosta’s press pass, to be hypocrites, right?


My first inclination was to not bother.

I will entertain your question.

First as I am watching I find it worth noting that the exchange quickly devolves into the use of “invasion” terminology. This is a subjective term with no right or wrong answer. President Trump stands by his opinion and characterization of the term. The CNN reporter refuses to accept this. OK fine. At this point…recognizing the difference in perspective the President decides to move forward. The CNN reporter digs in and persists that HIS opinion is of more importance. Not appropriate and not journalistically sound.


Timestamp. A picture isn’t context. We need to know the moment in the video you take issue with. So give a timestamp.


Classic wing chun: ass hat breaks dove’s wing. Move #4.


You didn’t answer my query. Try again

Give us a timestamp where Acosta pushes her.


Not at all. Both have consequences for their actions. Right now you’re viewing both as bad, both could be good. Acosta could get a bigger gig by being an ass, Trump could get re-elected for being an ass. I think both are fine doing what their doing and suffering the consequences. Are you ok with the consequences?


The best part of this story is the White House using a doctored video from someone from Infowars to make Acosta seem more aggressive than he was.

I mean…it can’t get much more farcical than that.


this is the kind of person you encourage when you’re the leader of a country and you inflame people against the press (ironically, for your own political gain).