White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


Sarah released it, didn’t she?


And bothsiderism.


Was he mocked, taunted and disrespected first? Think back to when he announced. The press pundits started this.


Granted, the press can be endlessly annoying and rude. And granted, Acosta stepped over the line from questioning into combative, silly arguing.

But even as a child I learned that one needn’t respond to every slight and wrong. That choosing not to respond, is a real virtue, a real strength. President Trump has shown practically none of that restraint. In fact, he is admired as a ‘counterpuncher’.

Turning human weakness into virtue is the work of a desperate mind.

Strange times.


We have more evidence of Acosta assaulting a woman than there ever was of Kavanaugh, but carry on.


This is such a sexist insulting thing to say and I fear the poor young lady is getting this kind of slanderous and insulting treatment across the internet so she may not see the disgusting comments on this forum but true to “indecent” liberal behavior she is most likely seeing it on social media.


I think he’s serving the people that elected him by challenging his detractors.


More like him? Acosta isn’t a journalist…he’s trying to create news. That’s not journalism.


Meh, she’s like, a 4.


Two years worth?


What video was that?

But to your answer question by their organization…yes. If they want to remain creditable.

Should Acosta be fired?


Hey man! Welcome back if you’re who I think you are.


Why don’t you believe Trump’s pushing deserves push back from Acosta and others? Why is Trump allowed to push but not Acosta?


And not forget, Acosta wasn’t the only journalist he belittled and criticized at this PC.


Rick/Firewatch/ReconRick…yep :smiley: thanks Bro.


If there’s one thing I can’t stand is a toothless reporter scared to challenge power while accepting vanilla BS canned answers because they don’t want to lose their press pass. Asking tough questions and being persistent is their freakin job lol. Yeah, there should be more like Acosta.


I thought so, good to see you man.


Acosta is allowed to push, and we see where he is now. Trump can push too, we’ll see where he is in two years.


For what he was filmed doing or for upsetting the POTUS with awkward questions?


Is that the actual video?