White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


We understand. It’s the same with the 70% of Americans that have perserviered through 2 years of the most corrupt, criminal and lying presidency in our nations history.


Probably about the same amount time as an internet poster suggesting critical comments are equal to acts of terror.



THAT is the spirit!!



We all saw him pull the Mic and push her arm down… Strong armed a female intern. Reality is hard for the left… I mean to be a leftist you have to ignore 75% of leftist history…


Were you watching Alex Jones’ Infowars tape that sanders tweeted? Seriously messed up. Thank God for people who get it…Acosta should go to prison for that assault.


No, you didn’t see it because it didn’t happen.


I can not believe I am having as much fun here as I was on November 9 2016.

Even AFTER the blue wave of 2018 soiled my favorite pair of socks.



I’m glad you’re having fun. I am too.






Sanders getting eviscerated on her twitter feed…


Sure. She will have to take time away from mob building so it will be fine.



I will admit, she has been a quick learner from Trump. No one leads a mob like him, though.


The White House using a doctored video from InfoWars of ALL PLACES! Disgraceful. Even more shameful are his little cultists supporting this. Sarah needs to go.


I like this one myself.



Is Alex Jones still the head of that site? The same guy who talks about Sandy Hook being a hoax?

Sarah sarah sarah.


Sarah Sanders is a false flag for the truth.


I’m sort of looking forward to two Muslim women being sworn into Congress on a Koran by Mike Pence.


Here’s the video. Give us a timestamp where Acosta pushes her.


Here’s the video. Tell us the exact time in the video he strong arms her and pushes her arm down.