White House pulls CNN Acosta’s pass


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He was physical with the intern.

Own it.



The intern was actually physical with him.


Dayum…seriously…the Press Sec sent out an Infowars doctored video to slander Acosta. That is some next level ■■■■.


NO he doesn’t and that’s just another YUGE leftist lie.



To be effective and ethical you MUST refrain from antics like Acosta did.

Ask the tough question and deal with the answer. Badgering is not part of journalism.


I was just thinking this- if they had sent a man to physically take away a woman reporters mic…


Irrelevant. Acosta pushes her away in every video.


Baghdad Bob was more honest than Sarah Sanders is.


Are you serious?


She aggressively moved in and tried to take the mic, putting her hands on him. She’s probably ok with it, though, because now Acosta is a star.


What next Sanders? You could do a whole Bad Lip Reading thing on Acosta and have him say crazy offensive stuff. I’m sure you could pay Infowars to do that…


Not the point. The White House is justifying their actions by using a doctored video from InfoWars. That’s the point.


It’s probably already out there. She just needs to re-tweet it.


If only there had been another witness or two…with a video camera…


Hmmm someone shouldn’t do it if it hasn’t been made yet. Acosta: “I’m a crazy drunk! I like beans! Donald Trump is my master. I hate women!!!”


What a perfect projection, LOL… Dems are being asked not to believe their eyes right now, and say OK!..


Still not the point.


There is. And no one is buying what Sanders is selling. Well, gullible republican rubes are, but no one with an ounce of honestly.


Your point is valid. The Press Secretary used a doctored video. There is no denying that.

But why was it doctored? Because what Sanders claimed didn’t happen, so she needed to use a produced lie.

It’s a double lie.