White House press aide refuses – multiple times – to deny Michael Cohen

Fox News - not renowned for its aggressive treatment of the Administration - boxed Gridley in. Given multiple chances to say, “FAKE NEWS!”, he opted to repeat his talking points that BuzzFeed and Cohen have credibility problems. That’s true, but irrelevant in this case. Time will quickly tell if BuzzFeed sourced this accurately. And according to BuzzFeed’s story, Cohen’s declaration was a final confirmation of what documentary evidence has already shown.

It’s not impressive when your best buddy in the media asks “Did your boss commit a crime?”, and your response is “Hey, look over there!”


Time to revive the Watergate era phrase "non-denial denial’.

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What a time to be alive! By the way what ever happened to ps bandit? I would love to here his POV on this whitehouse.

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Gonna be a lot of framing along the lines of, “I’ve never been so insulted by a question in my life.”

My first thought too,

Isn’t this great?

There are quite a few posters I’d love to have here doing their thing.

psbandit. prsplayer. I miss avergbear. Even some of the more recent recluses who’ve run off like rose and sneaky and whatnot. This is some serious history going on.

I wonder what happened to those guys?

What a lot of people don’t want to admit is that these stories aren’t built on air. Woodward-Bernstein had the same kind of criticism. They weren’t wrong. The press stories on Trump haven’t collapsed even with all the empty #fakenews charges. They haven’t because there’s something there.


The both started out with break-ins at the DNC.

At least Nixon didn’t hire the Russians to do it.

Yes. It’s a little eerie here. Some appear to have decamped to a safe space. Gotta give props to the rear guard righties who are still mixing it up here.


Nixon hired Cubans, but at least they were anti-Castro Cubans.

So today Hogan, Sarah and Rudy all use the same line. “Why are you going to believe a convicted liar”.
This is the most idiotic line of reasoning and spin that I have ever heard coming from this White House.
I’m pretty sure that the last thing this convicted liar is going to do is to continue to lie to the Special Council.

The funny thing, is that with any other person on Earth, that’s a very legitimate argument. With Trump, you actually believe the admitted liar. This should tell people something.

and they he was told to tell those lies.

Sure, but the situation isn’t at all how Trump & ilk would like us to believe.

Cohen lied to congress at the behest of Trump. He got caught. Trump doesn’t now get to point out that Cohen is a liar without acknowledging he is as well.

Cohen likely would not have volunteered that information without corroborating evidence used against him to turn the screws.

When Obama was in office, it seemed to me that Fox News, Breitbart etc. usually took whatever facts they could gather and put their spin on them to attack the administration. Fine. This is a game for grownups, and you can deflect, obfuscate, and spin fantasy all you like. But in this administration, the pushback is almost inevitably, “FAKE NEWS!” Career journalists, law enforcement people, politicians and aides - they’re just making stuff up!

At this point you have to be intellectually dishonest or willfully obtuse to not acknowledge the corruption.

I saw a truck with a Nixon/Agnew bumper sticker today.

Or read from a script to save his arse or get his prison time reduced.
At this point why believe anything anybody “reveals”?

One mystery is solved by that interview: Hogan Gidley’s dad now knows the location of his missing coat and tie.

Bob Mueller has reported that the Buzzfeed story is fake news. Buzzfeed has a horrible record regarding accuracy. Your first instinct should be not to believe them. No need to look over there. The people at Buzzfeed seem to be buzzed.