White house official mocks dying McCain

yeah. he smacked himself.

Obama laughed and snickered at Scalia’s death. He didn’t need to be at a eulogy to do it.

Hmm, Obama attended a wake at the Supreme Court and was respectful. He didn’t attend the funeral.

Clearly you are referencing a meeting of Governors where Obama was talking about the difficulties he faced in nominating a Supreme Court Justice.


Here is the transcript of that portion, delivered to Governors.

You find that disrespectful?

Obama was making light of the impending difficult nomination process he faced. The joke was about minimizing true Herculean effort he faced.

Nah. What he’s saying is that because you don’t agree with him you’re going to hell. That’s really all there is to his line in the sand.

-brief pause - … that is mischaracterizing what Obama did He laughed, snickered at Scalia’s empty seat.

Led by the President. That is pretty sick.

If you think so. I think the laughter is about his joke - that appointing a Supreme Court Justice was “the usual stuff”. You don’t see that as a joke?

The Washington Post article you linked to says he didn’t.

it’s hilarious. It only required that one Justice die so that he can make (or try to make) the appointment. HAHA…

disgusting and vile.

Ishmael, lets look at the transcript again:

“Some of you might be in the final year of your last term, working as hard as you can to get as much done as possible for the folks that you represent: fixing roads, educating our children, helping people retrain, appointing judges [– laughter –] the usual stuff.

You don’t see the joke there?

lib spin and damage control.

not my link

You should try finding a real example of Obama being disrespectful to someone that’s dying as the one you tried to spin is being easily dismantled by those who don’t get their news from “prison planet”

Dude, the joke is the fact that appointing a Supreme Court Justice is a very difficult task and is clearly not “the usual stuff”.

You have some serious ODS or no sense of humor whatsoever. It’s not like he said that nobody cares about Scalia’s opinion anymore cause he’s dead.

If you think it wasn’t a joke, can you explain what Obama meant when he said “the usual stuff”?


he was joking about that task being on his plate (and it being hard).

I don’t see how he doesn’t get it. I guess it comes down to Ishmael’s perspective where he sees everything Obama does as coming from an evil place. Every single thing Obama does has to be assigned an evil intent.

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Yes…yes you did.

i actually thought Obama made fun of his death until i, you know, read it.


yep. it was a vile joke… one the whole world heard. But libs… they loved it… the vileness seems to appeal to them. There won’t be any apologies… public or private.

It would be easy to prove if I did.