White house official mocks dying McCain

Looks like the truth has stung some people. It always does.

Being a Trump supporter forces one to publicly support behaviors that previously they only exhibited privately.

I laughed too…

You don’t think he deserves hatred for his words and actions. He’s a hatable person.

Replace Trump with Obama, and you have the years 2008-2016. EVERYTHING was Obama’s fault. The buck stopped at the top.

Guess that changed with Trump.

The hatred going on these days is unprecedented. Hatred only consumes the haters themselves.

A fact that escapes them.

How many haters will enter heaven?? :thinking:

The fact that you need to imagine heaven in order to be nice to people instead of not needing a reward to be nice to people says it all.


Do you have an answer for that question, yet?

Is it the same as for utterers of reprehensible mocking comments of the dying? And the defenders of utterers of reprehensible mocking comments of the dying?

You’ll probably be in a place where you can ask the haters yourself, I imagine.

Ya you guys are the victims… why can’t you attack a dying Senator with terminal brain cancer

What has happened to this country is a basic failure of manners combined with unduly excessive of any story that might reflect negatively on Trump.
Last night, I heard one anchor refer to the comment as “horrific”. Really? If that is “horrific”, what adjective do you apply to genuinely devastating tragedy? I think the remark was rude and insensitive, but I also think it was not mockery nor a joke (as it was referred to in another news item) - I think it was a rude offhand remark that for all we know, is now regretted by the person who said it. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had something come out of their mouth that he or she regrets - the only difference here is that, in their cases, the remark isn’t subject to the biased scrutiny of a 24 hour news cycle.
I am sorry for Senator McCain - his diagnosis is pretty devastating, and I wish nothing but the best for him and his family. But I think the reporting of this story, as well as the expressions of outrage, are disproportionate to the offense. Just MHO.

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Are you saying that because we don’t think you should mock the dying, we’re going to hell?

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No. Political corruption and cheating by the head of the party is absolutely not the same as one minor employee saying one stupid sentence.

Please lead us to one post by anyone saying that it is ok to attack a dying Senator with terminal brain cancer?

When were you last a member of congress?

will Obama laugh and snicker during his eulogy like he did when Scalia died?

It would be difficult for Obama to laugh and snicker during Scalia’s eulogy since he wasn’t even there.

Sorry, meant his funeral. Obama did pay his respect as reported by Reuters:

“The president and first lady Michelle Obama were greeted by Chief Justice John Roberts, spoke with some Scalia family members and briefly stood in silence, heads bowed, in front of Scalia’s casket during an afternoon visit,” Reuters reported.

Well, that left a mark.

So it appears Obama was at a wake at the Supreme Court but not the mass and funeral itself where the eulogy was given.

did I say Scalia’s eulogy?