White house official mocks dying McCain


Find even one post of mine demanding Obama issue an apology for anything similar said by a low level functionary in his WH.


how are her comments about you? what the ■■■■ are you talking about?


You seem lost. We’re talking about an insensitive comment made by a low level staffer.


Correct. Look, I’m one of a minority, I guess, that accepted the semi-private apology she made. That said, that the Trump Admin. was woefully silent was sad to see. But also the over-the-top rhetoric, WR, totally misses the mark. Let’s keep this in perspective, for goodness sake’s. It was an extremely stupid thing to say. To temper it in any way is disrespectful to a man who will go down in history as an American hero and a courageous Senator.


No. Not if it was a one time event and they apologized for it if the person heard. I would then remind them we don’t talk that way around here so be careful in the future, please.


An apology was given by the responsible party to the offended party. That was sufficient. If an apology was now made in front of the camera, someone would say yes, but they should write a letter of apology, or some other new condition. “It would be so easy to do that and end the whole thing”…until a new condition was imagined.


It depends on the comment.


Nah…she said she would offer a public apology. And then she didn’t. But most importantly the WH won’t say publicly that what their employee said was wrong and she’s been reprimanded.

That’s it. You know that’s it. And if you weren’t such a partisan, you would be able to admit it.

It’s really common sense simple stuff.

If an aid in teh Obama WH said something like this, you would be demanding public recognition and an explanation of the consequences.


what a stupid hill to die on…im not really shocked…been this way for decades…You want to be giant ■■■■■■■■ and never get called out on it. Then when the left matches you you play victim.


Ya but that would mean people have to behave like adults


Leftists love to play the victim card. McCain isn’t on his death bed enough to stop attacking, but you want him to be off limits for counter attacks or replies.

That’s what leftists do - put forward a child, a woman, a minority, a sick person to attack conservatives, then it’s off limits to respond.



BTW, one of the reasons Trump won was because he didn’t play that game. If McCain criticizes, then he’s a valid target for replies. If McCain wants to go out quietly, he’s on his death bed, then stop making comments, stop attacking.

How about step down so the people can get someone to do the Senate job they’re now paying McCain not to do?


It’s never been off limits for the deplorables to respond to any of those.


Stop blaming the leaker. That person did us all a public service.


In your version of reality I am a leftist, McCain’s valid critiques of Trump are spawned by leftists, and Trump is the conservative. Bwahahahahaha. :rofl:

I’d wager I have more conservative ideals and beliefs in my little finger than you do in your whole body. And have been preaching conservative principles and ideology since before you were in diapers.

But as I told my friend Lucy, you’ll fit in here, that’s for sure.


Sure she apologized. But she wasn’t standing on one leg when she apologized so it doesn’t count.


LIke a tree falling in the forest, a stupid offensive statement that no one hears is meaningless.
No public service. Just a little cry baby snitch who was probably mad at Sadler and did this to get even.


Absurd. She told Meghan McCain she would issue a public apology, and is obviously being prevented by the administration from doing so. Standing on one leg? Really? :roll_eyes:


but libs will then attack a dead woman and her family like they did to Barbara Bush.

Utterly vile.


like the people who leaked leaked tge DNC emails that told us how crooked and dishonest Clinton’s DNC was.