White house official mocks dying McCain


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You brought it up first.
Indeed and I’m still waiting for that straight answer.


Then you should open your eyes and take off the biased blinders.


You’'re waiting on an answer where someone said drawn and quartered? I have no idea.


What happened to your “always happy” claim? Please link to a straight answer you have given, ever.


That was a straight answer in reply to your post.

Now again, how about a straight answer to this, if that is you can manage just one.


You seem lost again. Perhaps repeating will be helpful.


i’m sorry, that made me laugh. it’s too early to laugh like that.


that is determined only by how rabid the press is… not the severity of the infraction


Well they had to come up with something to bitch about to counter the good news.


Ah, I see what you’re saying. I can’t say I disagree with that. But I do feel there is a separate standard that should be applied to the White House as opposed to broader society.


You people using it for political purposes is why it is public. If being public is the problem, blame the leaker who made it public and the media that has been using it.
It was one private and stupid comment origianally. Something somebody said that went flat and grabbed on for political purposes.
And sure, you can fire someone for making one stupid comment even after they apologized. Don’t pretend moral superiority in doing so.


huh? A comment about a sitting senator who’s vote you are counting?


So you wouldn’t fire your housekeeper for mocking someone with cancer?


Still waiting… .


BTW - she doesn’t have to be fired. All this could easily go away if the WH simply acknowledged the inappropriateness of the comment and apologized for it publicly.

Instead it’s a story for a week.


The WH didn’t make the comment, and the person who did made her own personal apology which is exactly as far as it should go.

An insensitive comment made in private by a low level WH functionary does not require an official aplogy from the POTUS. Demanding one is petty BS and opportunism.


ah, but that’s Trump’s super power. Never, ever apologize or admit fault. i bet a number of people here have ex’s that never apologized or admitted fault too. maybe that will put things into perspective for them.


Still waiting.


I must have missed something, did Trump tell her to make the comment?


Hmm comments from the WH don’t count unless the prez tells them to make it. okayyyy

Man I wish I was aware all these crazy made-up rules during the Obama years.