White house official mocks dying McCain


Perhaps to an extent. I’d agree. But once it became public, then it changed the scenario. And once it was determined by the administration that it would not be something publicly apologized for, or end up with Sadler dismissed from her role, it became more. You can agree or disagree with this reality, but it is the truth nonetheless.


Sure private. All over the news for the past 5 days means private.


Try giving a straight answer, it was a very simple question.

Where is even offering an apology mentioned in the posts I responded to?


What are you even talking about? You’re just babbling incoherently now.


You brought it up first. Where is drawn and quartered mentioned?


I have no idea when or where this started, but this whole get someone fired for making a stupid comment really needs to end. Both sides do it. Now if someone does it multiple times, that’s different. But, one stupid comment should not ruin or sidetrack a career.


yes, very weird stuff.


I humbly disagree in a few ways. Sure, if it is a complete aside and a very atypical mistake made, then making a public apology should be sufficient (which was not done here). But if it brings a week of negative press to the Executive Branch, it likely is a justification for letting someone go, as the integrity of the office is greater than the need to coddle one staffer.

And I dispute the idea that losing your job at the White House would ever equate to having your career ruined. Do you think every other person who has departed the White House is sitting in professional ruin?


I’m still waiting for a straight answer.


If you don’t understand the subject matter perhaps you should try reading the thread.


You’re never willing to give a straight answer yet you expect them from others? How odd.


I’m always happy to give a straight answer.

Now where is yours?


Go ahead and specify exactly how Obama joked about Scalia’s death Straight Answer McGee.


Right after you manage a straight answer to my question above.


Okay. Do you believe an apology is warranted or not, Mr. Straight Answer Man?


I’m still waiting on that straight answer. Do I need to repeat the question in context for you?


“It is, unfortunately, common that many important questions and challenges go unanswered — but why do people do this? There are surely many reasons, but a common one may be a desire to avoid admitting that they might be wrong. They might not have a good answer, and while “I don’t know” is certainly acceptable, it may represent an unacceptable admission of at least potential error.”


No I don’t, but I am just talking about the general practice of wanting people fired or suspended or whatever for making 1 stupid comment. Not just talking about the Whitehouse but society in general. The reason you don’t see a lot of sincere apologies anymore is they are never good enough for some people.


You brought it up first.


“always happy”
It seems, not always so happy. I haven’t seen a straight answer from you in any post, ever.