White house official mocks dying McCain


Since when did losing your job at the White House equate to having your career destroyed? Do you believe the careers of everyone else that have been let go from the White House are now professionally ruined?

I, of course, believe they are forever tainted, but that is another topic of discussion altogether.


Hey Decency squad. Did you guys go after Obama?


So…this is tit for tat, is it?


Everything the GOP does is the Democrats’ fault. Get with the program.


hypocrisy checks arn’t real popular among libs. Are they?


How so? What specific libs here are you talking about who defend politicians saying vile and disgusting things the way you guys do? Link?


Wait - you’re saying there’s another way?


Dont need no darn links man. You will defend this politician making a vile joke about what opportunity Scalia’s death gave him… or so this disgusting politician thought.

See…you will defend him right here.


You won’t condemn it will you? Obama can laugh and snicker all day about Scalia’s death and you will defend him.

See… no links required. You managed all by yourself.


Trumpists say the darnest things!


I won’t condemn what?


I have not watched the video either. Without you commenting on what you’re driving at here, there is little point. Make your case, if you have one to make. What’s your point?


Obama’s vile laughing at Scalia’s death


ah… even without asking, I get another lib unwilling to condemn Obama’s disgusting laughter and snickering over Scalia’s death. We only need to hear from the founder of the decency squad to have a threesome of libs defending vile disrespect from lib politician.


Nobody knows what the ■■■■ you are talking about. Ask one of your right wing friends to translate your babbling.


QED times 3, lib


You all have milked this too much. It is now becoming ridiculous and obvious.


Oh. Is this one of the new rules? There’s some sort of statue of limitations on discussion about reprehensible comments now?

I could see how that would be a really important rule for supporters of this President to want to support.


Again, attempting to make a false connection to Trump. So desperate.



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