White house official mocks dying McCain


There is a difference in degree between Trumps garbage talk and talking about not having to worry about his opponent because he will not live long.
You know that. Otherwise this thread wouldn’t be this long and the media wouldn’t be hanging on to this trying to tag it to Trump, where it doen’t belong.


I do not believe you believe this. I have seen you post before that you take offense at some of the things Trump has stated (or something to that affect.) Meaning you know that he has said some horrible things that are more than just trash talk.

This thread is the length it is, and the media is still reporting on this story, because Trump has apparently made the decision to not allow the staffer to follow through on the public apology she promised Meghan McCain she would give, nor was she terminated for the hateful comment. Another self-inflicted wound. Had they just allowed Sadler to come out and apologize as soon as it was revealed what she said, this issue would have been over.


I’ve pretty much stated my opinion here. Anything more is just “last tag”.


Fair enough.

Oh, and I win. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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How does an aide apologize to the public? Stand out on the lawn and yell “I apologize”? Once the apology was made public, it was a public apology. Or, if not, then the original “joke” was never made public. [/quote]

Well, yeah, she could have done it in front of the cameras.

It’s not lame or a gotcha. A real leader takes a little responsibility for his staff.


Anything that they can’t debate is a “gotcha” or “trolling”


omg what in the hell is this?

Hey I need to pick up my mail, how is a person supposed to pick up their mail?? Go outside and yell “I WANT MY MAIL” like some kind of crazy man??


I literally laughed out loud when I read this post. :rofl: :clap:


I eagerly await your comment criticizing McCain for attacking Trump. McCain is still receiving tax payer money as pay even though he hasn’t done his job since December. Yet he has time to criticize the President.

When will you apply the “you can’t say bad things about people” standard to McCain?


I didn’t realize Donald Trump is on his death bed, dying from brain cancer. When did that happen?


I apologize, it appears I am not keeping up. What disgusting attack did McCain make against Trump again?


He disagreed with him.


i just want to say that i’m really glad that i don’t have to defend our current president and his staff constantly. that’s way too much work.


given the relative silence from Libs over Randa Jarrar’s comment, the untruthfulness of the liberal faux shock and offense is even more apparent.


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For something related to their task, that is arguable. If the person who cleans my house says something stupid and has nothing to do with their job…thats on them.
This was not job related.


Harder work to jump in and be outraged by whatever nonsense MSNBC or CNN comes up with every other day.


There are no “these people”. The name is Kelly Sadler.


bull ■■■■, if the person cleaning your house ridiculed your cancer-ridden dying father and you caught wind of it you would fire her ass. You can’t even admit basic ■■■■.


If you think that a persons career should be destroyed because of one stupid statement, then that’s up to you to pretend that is the heighth of morality.


tell that to the mountains of careers trump has destroyed because of the pettiest bull ■■■■.

I don’t know how firing a maid is destroying a career, what the ■■■■ are you even talking about. No way that maid would work for me after such a horrid comment about my family. And btw no it’s not just one comment, it’s the just one I found out about.