White House looks to minimize economic impact of Trump’s threatened closure of border (

As we all know by now, Trump just runs his mouth without thinking and loves to threaten to do stuff. Then he’s either a wuss and backs down (while claiming victory) of lies about what he said before.

A bunch of actual smart people are telling him not to do it but I’m not sure why they’re wasting their time. He’s a blowhard.

"One approach has been to study ways to minimize the economic impact of shutting the border with the United States’ second-largest trading partner, in part by allowing trains and trucks to continue bringing goods across the border.

The second prong has included internal warnings to Trump about what might happen if the border is sealed, messages delivered by National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow and Kevin Hassett, head of Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers."

That is like a soft Brexit.

Not really a shut down.

He needs to shut the whole thing down immediately

Very interesting that absolutely no trump supporter (including Fox News) is pressuring fat donald to shut down the border.

They sure do love their cheap crap made in foreign countries.

Trump is definitely a Blow Hard as you described.

Now lets seal the border and only allow people entry who come through official entry points.

like the ocean?

I thought we had a coast guard for that. Am I missing something?

hang on. are you saying the coast guard has the border (water) sealed?

Lets do it! I want to watch your policies sink america because they are horrible

Im saying give them rules of engagement to enforce this nations boarders.

What if we shut it down but still let trucks and trains through. What trump truly hates is people walking.

So your for open boarders. Color me surprised.

Where did i say that…let have you start this with being honest first…im not gonna put up with this crap…

If you are not gonna put up with this crap, what are you gonna do? Honest question. What are you going to do?

I, and every other border supporter I know, are for stopping the flow of illegal immigration. You can not have a country and not support it’s borders.

Just walk away…im not going to engage in such dumb black and white tactic.

It would be like if i said all people who want a secure border are racists…its not true and is an insult to the actual topic.

Its lazy…

I agree with everything you just posted…So why do you think the policies of enforcing our borders will sink the nation?

There is a difference between enforcing and sealing.

How so?

Sealing means all flow stop.
Enforcing means you enforce laws but dont hinder the flow

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to me it is just semantics and the meanings are the same. Seal the boarder is the same as enforce the boarder.