Whitaker Testimony


Is that where we’re at now? Trump and most of his advisors were merely associating with Russians?


It happened during the 10 Benghazi hearings.

Considering how Republicans have shrugged their shoulders over all the findings of the investigation so far, I’m not surprised that they simply don’t care. And in 2020, they will do more revenge investigations. Maybe even open up Benghazi again, for the 11th through 20th time.


Whitaker wouldnt even answer questions that werent related to conversations he had with the president.


“Merely associating”? Now thats funny.


Apples and oranges. There was much we did not know about Benghazi and it was under Congressional jurisdiction.

Russian collusion? It isn’t even a defined crime AND it is a direct affront to the 2016 vote.

Whitaker showed that a problem well defined…



Whitaker sounded like the moron he is.

Even the Republicans on the committee bailed on the hearing midway after trying to prop him up during the first half.

The funniest thing is he is under investigation for the fraud he committed at the fake non profit he ran by the FBI.


So, how much more did we know after the 3rd Benghazi hearing? The 6th? The 9th?


It was a perjury trap!


The only way to be “trapped” into perjury is to lie under oath…


Whitaker has the same attitude issues that Kavenaugh has. This seem to be the new paradigm for the republican party - angry sots and smart alecks.


Fake news if I ever heard it. There’s no such thing as a perjury trap. Why is it so hard for these people not to lie?


And of course, that’s not a perjury trap. It’s just stupidity for lying.


Game? A congressional committee requested him to testify for a legitimate reason. This wasn’t Benghaaaaaaaaazi.


Nothing says ownage like repeatedly trying to dodge questions by telling congressmen their time is up and being laughed at by the entire gallery.


The reason the Democrats kept trying to hold Whitaker to yes/no answers was because he was repeatedly refusing to answer questions. He was approaching every question with some long winded soliloquy that never got around to actually providing a definitive answer.


Nah they were laughing WITH whitaker :smirk:


Mueller is accountable to no one. Then goes on to detail who the IC is accountable to.


Try reading what I actually wrote and the context of the conversation and get back to us.


Well that’s certainly not true. All you have to do is innocently get a detail wrong or have someone who made a deal already claim you lied when in fact you didn’t and you are screwed in either case.


Answerable and accountable, two different things.

Mueller is neither answerable nor accountable to either congress or the AG.

That’s the whole point of having an “independent counsel”.