Whitaker Testimony


No…ones an ag and the other is not…your point still stands as not the same


It was comical as hell watching the democrats and their foot stomping tirades while Whitaker kept them chasing their tails in circles.


Im going to go out on a limb and guess that they are doing oversight because the last AG had to recuse himself from an investigation that involved the President’s campaign, an investigation that the current POTUS and acting AG have been outspoken critics of, and an investigation that is ongoing having already secured many indictments and convictions. But yea…not that big of a deal.


Some people respect the institutions that hold the executive accountable.


And Doug is right. Their supposed oversight of Whitaker who will be gone in two weeks was nothing but a show trial to air their grievances with the administration.


Him being gone in 2 weeks is completely irrelavant to the actions he may or may not have taken as acting AG. Why should we not have oversight over the actions taken by an acting AG that runs the department investigating the President?


And some people see how Democrats behave at these “hearings”.


Maybe if the acting attorney general answered questions, then life wouldnt be so hard for his poor soul.


He has nothing to do with the investigation.


Hard? It was all he could do to keep from laughing his ass off.


Ahh, its almost like we should just take the executive at their word. No checks and balances needed. Hurray!


Checks and balances are funny. Silly American institutions.


He has no authority over the investigation at all, Mueller is outside of his chain of command.


There are no checks or balances over the Independent Counsel’s office which is exactly what you folks have demanded.

That dog is going to turn around and bite you all in the ass sooner or later too but by all means, carry on.


Checks and balances are about ensuring that authority is maintained. What do you think the purpose of oversight is?


Of course there is. What would you like asked by Congress?


No there isn’t. Mueller isn’t accountable to congress or to the AG. The only person he’s answerable to is the Deputy AG that oversees the IC’s office.


It is no more appropriate for Congress to ask about executive decisions and conversation of the President than it is for the President to go through Congress persons documents and interview their staff.
That’s pretty much what executive privilege is and has been through previous administrations.


This is a VERY important point.

We will see how the opposing party likes it should the investigative shadow follow their next vote.


Look they openly want people to become political prisoners in this country for merely associating with the opposition, this won’t end well if the republicans turn to the same page next time around.

Our “Peaceful Transitions of Power” have for more than 230 years shown the world how to run a nation and they are about to throw it away for short term gain through short term thinking.

All this will do in the long run is turn the majority of people against them.