Whitaker lies on his resume

Trump’s Acting AG Matt Whitaker Twice Lied On Resumé, Claiming To Be ‘Academic All-American,’ Reports ‘WSJ

the Atty Gen lied on his resume. He should resign now.

He lied on his resume?

He should be promoted.

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Only the best people.

“CoSIDA spokesperson Barb Kowal said that Whitaker appears to have received a lower, less prestigious title of Academic “All-District,” according to the Hill . A Justice Department spokesperson claimed that a 1993 Iowa media guide listing Whitaker as “GTE District VII academic All-American” was Whitaker’s source of his false claim.”

That should count for at least 1/60 or 1/100 of an academic All American. Is there a blood test that can be administered?

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Yeah, there are other, more pressing concerns than this one. Besides, he is temporary anyway. Do we know whether Mr. Trump has formally submitted the nomination of Mr. Barr to the Senate? Or is he required to resend all appointments when the new Congress is seated anyway?

Only the best and the brightest.

and, of course…


There is always a tweet. :slight_smile: