Whistle-Blower Tells Congress of Irregularities in White House Security Clearances

Now we are starting to get some oversight and it’s not looking pretty…

A whistle-blower working inside the White House has told a House committee that senior Trump administration officials granted security clearances to at least 25 individuals whose applications had been denied by career employees, the committee’s Democratic staff said Monday.

Only 25, huh?

The defense of Trump for this writes itself.

“Career employees” are obviously swamp creatures owned by “The Deep State” so Trump HAS to work around them



Deep state obama plant released this info


Ah good ole corruption… now we will see a bunch of posts how the dems are corrupt

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Trump supporters blaming the whistleblower in 3…2…1…


Sloppy, dangerous, corrupt, shameful.

This administration openly cares not one whit about our country.

Donnie only knows how to surround himself with decrepit people of low character.


Last time I checked, who does and doesn’t get security clearances in entirely at the discretion of the executive branch. If congress doesn’t like it they can impeach him, but that’s about it.

Last time I checked, real Americans would be concerned about security clearances being distributed based favoritism and “instinct”.

So, yeah, Congress could impeach, but that would require the people who put this man in the office to care about this stuff.

We both know that ain’t gonna happen.

And of course this is a good thing…

…until someone with an un(D)esirable initial after their name becomes President…


Would need details, who was it given to and why shouldn’t they have it?

We know many of the details behind why there was concern by senior staff about Jared Kushner’s clearance…including above all else his failure to disclose on multiple occasions, foreign contacts he had.

And we know Trump personally ordered John Kelly to grant the clearance, but when questioned about it, he lied about his personal involvement (he knew there were “issues” but didn’t get “personally involved in security stuff”).

One would think those details might be a cause for at least a little concern…

Maybe not?

Is that the new standard for discussion of presidential actions on the board? -

“If it’s discretionary, and not impeachable, then why are we even talking about it?”

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Well thats not the argument but thanks for playing

How about if someone checks on whether this has been an ongoing practice before Trump ever won the presidency. (I’d bet it has been.)

If it has, then today’s outrage is just more TDS. And the “whistle blowing” was politicized.

I don’t know if the reported practice is problematic. (My gut feel is that it’s not.)

Insisting it’s just a Trump problem seems conveniently short sighted.

Trusting the “gut” is how these folks got security clearances.

Here’s what we know: 25 or more people got security clearances because this administration overrode the objections of the folks who do the actual work. We know that one person who was awarded a clearance repeatedly omitted information on his disclosure and had to be prompted to be truthful and complete.

On the other side, we have your gut telling us that this is something that is regularly done. If so, I’m sure it will be easy to document your assertion.

The best, most kindest of all interpretations in your statement is that Trump is just a continuation of the swamp. And that is the thing one has to assert to make oneself feel good about Trump giving security clearances to those who failed the background.


That rationale is used by Trump supporters for more than this issue.

2016: We want something different!

2018 : But the libs did it first!


When making these “it’s technically not illegal” types of posts, absent of any personal commentary or opinion, does it just get to a point where you no longer care anymore?

I guess we have all just accepted that Trump and Co. are unethical scum… just not illegal, yet?


I did not say that. I asked if it is.

And that is an abjectly stupid statement.

Know what it would take to find out? Either a no-holds-barred investigation, or some whistle-blower from past administrations. I think you’re smart enough to realize that.

If this was a continuation of what has always been done, that’s not a problem unless it never should have been done all along. If it has been done all along, and if it IS a problem, then THAT is a function of the swamp.

Again, I’m just asking a question that nobody here can answer (speculations notwithstanding.) With a whistle-blower now, the practice has been brought to light. The proper response would be (STEP 1: ) to find out if this is an ongoing practice, or one that started with the Trump presidency. (STEP 2: ) determine if the practice is nefarious or illegal (or perfectly constitutional).

And then take next steps from there.

And that’s just a basic TDS nothing-burger.

If all you care about is attacking Trump, you’re doing just fine.

Hopefully you’d join me in caring whether or not this has been a problem for a long time.

It happened only twice in the past 25 years.