While our S.C. babbles on and on today, they certainly appear to ignore our Constitution

750 millions dollars … for literally lying.

Your spinning by innuendo is noted.

750 million dollars for literally lying. That’s a thing that happened. Denying reality is probably not the best form of argument

Your spinning by innuendo is again noted.

What’s the innuendo. They were sued for lying. They settled it for 750m. There are texts that showed they lied. On tv. For profit

They fired the man that was lying.

Your characterizations are the innuendos.

Lee Blalack, an attorney for the inaugural committee, said the committee is confident it would prevail at trial but settled to avoid “significant costs” of litigation. He said the committee’s insurer, which is funding the settlement, would have paid twice as much to go to trial.

According to a settlement agreement filed with the court, it acknowledges that the defendants dispute the allegations and are settling “to avoid the cost, burden, and risks of further litigation” and that neither defendant is admitting any “wrongdoing, unlawful conduct, or liability.”LINK

Wrong case.
That’s 750k not 750 million. Want to try again?


You are the one trying and jumped into the conversation with a non sequitur.


“If aliens might be admitted indiscriminately to enjoy all the rights of citizens at the will of a single state, the Union might itself be endangered by an influx of foreigners, hostile to its institutions, ignorant of its powers, and incapable of a due estimate of its privileges." - Joseph Story

The conversation was about Fox News. The same Fox News that paid 750m for lying. How is that a nonsequiter

Stop making crap up. The conversation drifted to MSNBC HERE And you jumped in with the following non sequitur gibberish “750 millions dollars … for literally lying.”

Where you defended Fox News as spinning while msnbc was outright lying

Nothing was made up and Fox News paid 750m for lying and had to fire the liar. The same liar you defend to this day.

Have an awesome Sunday.

Defended Fox News?

LINK ? Stop making ■■■■ up. What I stated about FOXNEWS is found HERE

Why must you always make ■■■■ up?

Well, FreeAndClear? Why did you make that crap up?

That wasn’t the reference. I linked the reference for you.

You made crap up when you asserted, I defended Fox News