While not a boycott in the strictest sense, I will be skipping the Winter Olympics

Really a no brainer, given the behavior China has shown right from the start

I simply will not tune to any NBC affiliated channels for the duration of the Winter Olympics.

Biden has his diplomatic boycott.

I have my personal, well more of a refusal to watch than a boycott in the technical sense.

I will just wait for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy.


I haven’t really cared about the Olympics for the past 10-20 years. I could really give a ■■■■ now about how the Divided States of America do in the Olympics.


Olympics stopped being cool after Atlanta. Now they’re just sad.


I simply have never been interested in the Summer Olympics.

I like watching the downhill skiing, skeleton, luge and bobsled, but I will just have to take a break this year.

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Olympics went downhill when they started allowing professional players in the team sports.

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What happen Safiel? Had a Epiphany while you were away?

I don’t usually watch the Winter Olympics- just snippets from athletes if I happen to land on the channel when it’s on, but not the opening ceremony or anything.

The Olympics are supposed to build comradery between countries, improve relations through good sportsmanship. However, it seems even that is overshadowed with politics. Perhaps not unnecessarily.

Norway dominates the winter Olympics anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Not at all.

I have never done anything that glorifies the PRC, nor participated in their attempts at self-glorification. And this is what this is, shameless self-glorification by the regime that I will not be a participant in.


It was pretty badass when black people were stomping Germans at the 1936 Olympics.

What will the modern athletes do? Take a temporary phone so the commies don’t hack their lives? That’ll show them!


With technology everything has changed. The Free World may never persevere over those who will disrupt it.

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As they should.

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I’ve got the Olympics stored right beside the Superbowl.


I won’t be watching the Super Bowl, as it is on NBC during the continuance of the Olympics. Not that it matters, I have not watched a full game of either college or professional football this season.

Though I will root for the Bungals to win. :smile:


This right here…

is an American embarrassment. Akin to an abused spouse not wishing to be beaten over saying the wrong thing.

I also tuned out all NBC affiliates.


Want another reason? NBC just hired Stephen Hayes, the author of this “misinformation”.

I ve always been a big sports fan…

But no Winter Olympics for me either…

I suspect the ratings will be pretty sad.

Thankfully the NHL did not participate.

Watching end of all star game now

I hold the IOC in contempt for allowing China to host the Olympics, but I’m going to watch and root for our athletes. I enjoyed seeing our women’s hockey team destroy the fake Russian team today. I will be avoiding as much propaganda as possible, like the opening and closing ceremonies.

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I used to enjoy the bob sledding events especially the wipe outs. That and the long ski jump.

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