While Likud did turn in a good performance, as did the right wing bloc, it looks the right wing bloc will fall 2 seats short of a majority, meanwhile, the Joint List storms to a record 15 seats

Still some time to go before results are final in Israel, but we are far enough in that it is unlikely there will be any increase in the right wing bloc’s seat count.

Likud and the right wing bloc will have 59 seats, 2 seats short of a majority. Thus Netanyahu will again have to come crawling to Avigdor Lieberman and beg for support.

The Joint List stormed to a record 15 seats. And it may be the very large Arab turnout, plus support from Jewish Israeli’s for one of the parties of the Joint List, that may have made it impossible for Netanyahu to gain an outright majority in the Knesset.

As long as the Joint List remains strong, it will be extremely difficult for the right wing bloc to make it to 61 seats.

Can Netanyahu position his better position into an actual government???

Electoral victory in Israel is only a victory if somebody can actually form a government, something they have failed to do two times in a row.

Should be an interesting next several weeks.

99%+ of the vote counted, unlikely any seat totals will change as a result of the final few votes being tallied.

Party Leader % Seats ±
Likud Benjamin Netanyahu 29.5 36 +4
Blue and White Benny Gantz 26.6 33 0
Joint List Ayman Odeh 12.6 15 +2
Shas Aryeh Deri 7.7 9 0
UTJ Yaakov Litzman 6.0 7 0
Labor–Gesher–Meretz Amir Peretz 5.8 7 -3
Yisrael Beiteinu Avigdor Lieberman 5.8 7 -1
Yamina Naftali Bennett 5.2 6 -1

The right wing bloc slipped 1 seat overnight and is at 58.

Likud+Shas+UTJ+Yamina=58 seat right wing block.

Netanyahu would like to add Yisrael Beiteinu, but will Lieberman enter government with the religious parties and will he deal with Netanyahu???

If he can’t get Yisrael Beiteinu into the government, another attempt at a unity government with Blue and White would be the only other option.

No chance at all of a government from the left, so if Netanyahu fails to form a government, Israel will likely proceed straight to election #4.

This is an interesting turn of events…

@Safiel Thoughts on what this may mean if this passes?

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I am trying to imagine the absolute meltdown that will occur in Israel if this passes. And it should pass.

But there will be the mother of all political meltdowns and I can just about see Netanyahu’s head exploding in rage. :rofl:


Do you think it could lead to violence or rioting? Fracturing the State even? Or less severe meltdown?

Yes, I think you could see violence from this.

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I was thinking along the same lines, and was afraid you’d agree. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure, and praying it does not come to that.