While America is distracted

Donald Trump has never denied that he’s a shape-shifting lizard from outer space.

That’s not how burdens of proof work.

What exactly are these “extreme measures” and “lengths” that the IDF goes to to prevent civilian casualties?

If they exist, why do they so utterly fail to accomplish their “goals”?

Two random things to consider:

1-The Abraham Accord did nothing to solve this issue, and arguably exacerbated the situation in that the Palestinians were ignored. Also note that the Trump administration moved the Israel embassy, and closed the Palestinian mission. These are all exacerbating factors

2-many of the Palestinian rockets are being intercepted by Iron Dome, toward which the U.S. provided 1 billion dollars under the Obama administration.

Really…the memory is where I heard about this. This post fails.

no, they’re not. they’re just not over-emphasizing the part you want over-emphasized.

I’m not going to watch that video. If you have a point, make it yourself.

We are going to completely excuse Palestinian actions?


They could easily level city blocks and be justified in doing so. That’s how the Russians operate.

They choose to use precision guided weapons, which aren’t cheap, to limit civilian damage and to ensure the killing of the targeted enemies.

Justified to whom?

The Russians are quite the example to follow.

The problem is those precision guided weapons kill ten times as many civilians as the weapons Hamas uses.

Who cares how much they cost?

Hamas certainly doesn’t care if they kill civilians considering they intentionally operate out of residential neighborhoods and they use crude rockets and target them at Israeli residential districts.

■■■■ Hamas.


Again, I understand that this is the party line that you’ve accepted as a fundemental truth.

You need to understand that I don’t.

Why do you think that is?

There is no moral equivalency. Israel is under no moral obligation to limit their mission objectives.

Who has started all of the Palestinian-Israeli conflicts? Including this most recent episode? Who started the Intifadas?

The Palestinians are far from innocent in all of this.


Hamas is a terrorist organization. Not some group of freedom fighters.


Because Israel has effective, top of the line weapons we sold (or gave) to them, and the cover provided by the support of the western world.

Maybe the Palestinian leadership in Gaza should stop starting wars with people who outmatch them militarily.


You only speak for your morals. Not mine.

Its not hard to argue that Israel started it, by coming into existence, and appropriating the territory.

This isn’t about “innocence” - there are rarely clean hands in war.

The only difference between terrorists and freedom fighters is perspective.

Interesting. So you feel the terrorists are as capable as the IDF given the same weapons?

Appropriating the territory? It was internationally agreed to form an Arab state and a Jewish state in mandatory Palestine once the British pulled out. Even the Soviets were on board with it.

It was the Arab nation’s leadership that decided that it was unacceptable and invaded the Jewish held lands the second independence was declared from the British empire.

They lost the ■■■■■■■ war. The losers don’t get to dictate terms to the victors.