While America is distracted

the Palestinians have been attacking Israel with missiles for the last few days (no reports on the msm) and Israel in return is hitting Hamas with great precision…

Israel’s foreign minister Ashkenazi thanked Blinken for US support for Israel’s right to defend itself - although that support stops with “the squad” in congress


3 Israeli civilians dead, and a dozen injuries.

Meanwhile in Gaza, the Israeli air raids have killed 43 Palestinian civilians, and injured 300 more.

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how’d you know that… the OP clearly states that the MSM isn’t covering it.

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It’s more than 3. Latest victims include two Israeli Arabs (a father and a seven year old daughter) and a five year old boy

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Yeah, it’s not 43 Palestinians any more, either.

As noted, this “minor detail” escapes much of the MSM reporting.

MSM is all over this part of the issue.

Just pointing that out.

MSM is only reporting half the story.


While Israel tries to minimize human toll - which is obviously not easy to do since Hamas plants rocket launchers in civilian areas, Hamas shoots their rockets indiscriminately.

Btw, a few dead Palestinian civilians from Hamas rockets that fell short and landed inside their own territory.


I know that this is the party line.

But no one ever seems to have any evidence to support it.

Which part ?

All of it.

Reliably, every time this flares up, the civilian death toll on the Palestinian side is 10× the civilian death toll on the Israeli side.

I have a hunch that if we supported the Palestinains with billions of military support every year their attacks would get a lot more precise and cut way down on civilian casualties.


Again, because Hamas places their military equipment in the middle of civilian areas. For those suggesting that Israel intends to murder civilians, couldn’t they do so much more efficiently without using precision equipment by essentially just carpet bombing all of Gaza ? Actually I’d bet that’s what any other country would do if they had to endure rocket fire.


Par for the course from the fake news.

One consequence of this is that the efforts to from a new government to oust the deeply corrupt Netanyahu are on hold.

Again, I understand that this is the party line.

Because even you guys wouldn’t be able to defend them, if they did.

I don’t necessarily believe that the IDF intends to kill civilians - I think they don’t care if they kill civilians.

The age of camera phones has not been kind to these types of Israeli tactics.

What parts are they not reporting?

I don’t even understand how this is contentious. Hamas has never denied it.

Not only does Israel go to extreme measures to minimize civilian casualties but they treat injured Palestinians in their own hospitals. Compare that with indiscriminate terrorism from Hamas/Islamic Jihad.

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If they didn’t care they wouldn’t go to the lengths they do to avoid civilian casualties.

The IDF has no choice but to hit civilian areas because that is where Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Palestine operate out of.

Dead Palestinians looks good for their “cause” because it creates sympathy.