Which side is Antifa on?

Who are these people who were in the Capitol building today?

Here is another photo of the guy in the water-buffalo hat with some of his colleagues. The guy at the right has an ID around his neck and is carrying brief case. Did one of the congressional staff decide to carry a trump flag?
What kinds of tattoos are on the guy on the left’s hands?

Reports are that police escorted suspected Antifa to the rally:


Has Antifa decided to support Trump?

Or is this some sort of a false-flag operation?

Or is there some other group here?

That’s the Qanon Shaman.

You think he’s secretly ANTIFA?

The right doesnt even recognize the people infecting them…



Stranger things have happened.

If someone said a year ago that the population of entire states would be locked up under house arrest, I would have said that would never happen. We have a constitution.

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Now I know you guys are slipping.

“Antifa infiltrated the rally and caused the violence” was what I thought would be your FIRST go-to.

I’m allowed to leave my house and I’m in SF, CA

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Yes, it is a form of house arrest. You can go to the grocery store other “essential businesses” like liquor stores, abortion clinics, etc. You can take bus or subway with dozens of strangers to get there.

But don’t go to a church service or the gym.

the attempt at spreading disinformation is completely transparent, no matter how you try to hide it.

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The Q Shaman is Antifa.

You couldn’t write a Hollywood script this good…


This is not an either/or scenario. Antifa is notorious for being the ones to throw a brick through a store window or to start the first fire. Others who are not Antifa follow.

That is the story of the “mostly peaceful” BLM protests that turned into looting and arson. If the same people were carrying BLM banners, the media would be describing another “mostly peaceful” protest.

Sure you can, they just have to be outdoors and follow social distancing guidelines.

Ahhh the ol’ its a Lib plant play…not original, but nice work.

It looks like the grand poobah previously appeared a BLM rally in June:

Or was it really his twin brother?

I’m really enjoying this self-own.


This guy?

So now these guys are Antifa?! My god…we have seriously entered the twilight zone

They certainly used Antifa tactics.

Mostly peaceful protests are to be celebrated, right?

I mean if you want to say they are Antifa im cool with that…you do you

derailing his own thread…


The point is protest is to make people feel uncomfortable according to the left:

They certainly made congress very uncomfortable; AOC should be cheering!

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