Which purported incident do you find more plausible, that against Kavenaugh or Biden?

When the Kavenaugh accuser came forward there were clearly many on the left who were absolutely convinced that Kavenaugh was guilty. I would also assume (I have not followed the news media as much with this) that there’s many on the right that believe Biden is guilty.

I’m curious as to how many here come down on both and why?

Would have made a good poll.

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Those against Biden because:

  1. Reade told people back then
  2. Ford couldn’t even put Kavanaugh in the House.
  3. Ford’s father was “glad Brett was confirmed”.
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I’m bothered by both but for different reasons.

#metoo is a sham

An honest and independent press could help. Too bad we don’t have one.


#metoo is about power, not women


Exactly…convenient justification for that moment.


I will answer the OP question as soon as we have had hearings for Biden like we had for Kavanaugh.

Do we hold hearings for someone running for president? Pretty sure it is normal for Supreme Court…



Ford was a straight up liar. Her entire account is a fabrication. She was desperate to keep Roe v Wade in place and believes Kavanaugh is a threat to it.

Reade something happened to, but I believe she’s embellished in her attempts to get her story out there. No-one was interested in a simple harassment complaint, since its moved to sexual assault its suddenly news. She was desperate to get her story out there, and no-one was listening.

Well, I’ll admit both stink to high heaven. 25+ years later and NOW the accusations? I get that Reade has some corroboration with her accusations and that alone makes it more believable but I’m still of the mind that if you didn’t file rape charges when it happened or shortly after, why should we take you seriously now?

To the two specific cases… Ford couldn’t tell us what house or even what year. The friend she identified couldn’t corroborate that the party even happened. The account is quite frankly unbelievable if you go through the details. This new one seems a bit more believable, though I still don’t like the timing.

Regarding the Pound Me Too movement, that’s always been a bunch of garbage to me.

Ethics. He was a Senator at the time.

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It is very likely that you are correct about Reade’s intentions but with Biden we have a history of complaints about inappropriate touching. Shoot, you can Google it and see endless videos about it.

That, to me, lends a little credence to her claims. It seems possible to me


I believe that this is a fair point. I suppose the campaign will serve a hearing for the former VP.

The problem I have is the hypocrisy of everyone who has suddenly changed their view on what to ask


Is it normal to bring someone in with an accusation, no evidence and no corroboration into Congress and grill a SC nominee? Everyone here knows it was dirty politics, nothing more, nothing less.


I am all for it. If he did bad ■■■■ then bring it out. We have two ■■■■■■ humans wanting to run our country. $ and power have risen to be the true gods of America

Never said it was. That wasnt what I asked… thanks for answering my question with a question…

Honest question, could they hold hearings on a once senator running for president for something that long ago or even not that long ago?

she says she filed a complaint with the senate personnel office. she says she did not include details of the assault in the complaint. for that reason, i will believe whats actually in the complaint and as far as i know right now it does not include sexual assault. just possibly joe’s uncomfortable “handsyness”. alone that’s creepy but not a problem. but if there were employment repercussions as she claims, and which are easily verifiable through documentation, that’s a problem.

its the senate, they can do whatever they please

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only if the nominee is a republican nominee. completely normal