Which party wants to end the illegal invasion? Neither. Here's my plan

While the parties are bickering over the wall there are other things that could be done and are being ignored. We could drastically reduce the illegal invasion with jus a few steps.

  1. Make E-verify law. Make it nearly impossible to hire illegals And illegals will not show up. The reason neither party is pushing E-verify is that the are afraid it will work.

  2. Public assistance. Foreign nationals are not entitled to be supported by U.S. taxpayers. Reject all new applications for public assistance by illegals and inform the illegals who are currently on public assistance that it will be cut off on In January of 2020. It will be cut off immediately if the recipient is convicted of a crime. Also, offer the illegals government help returning to their homes.

  3. Give employers who have hired illegals a one year amnesty. They have one year to replace all of their illegals with legal residents. Failure to comply would mean prison time.

Good ideas?

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Forget liberals - I’ve wondered for a long time why conservatives aren’t pushing as hard for these ideas as they are for Donald’s wall.

By which I mean, I know exactly why they aren’t.

Sure. I’ll go along with his…I would allow illegals to have life threatening medical treatment until their case has been decided however.

I would love to see conservative commentators such as Mr. Hannity, Rush, Tucker, Laura and Levin push this a little more. They pushed it a few years ago, then for some reason all momentum was lost. I still think it’s great idea.

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Removing all incentive to cross the border is a much more effective solution than a wall.

Of course, doing so would likely cripple several industries, agribusiness being the most obvious. $6 heads of lettuce, anyone?

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To bad Conservatives can’t punish all of those fake Republican Politicians
that have promised to do something about the wall for over 40+ years, and
ran on it, and their so called Conservative ideas, but then they always sold out
and folded like cowards.

Drain the Swamp!

Why would it have to cost six bucks for a head of lettuce? Use your creative mind and I bet that you can find a solution. I can.

I’m sorry when a group of people invade a country people usually die during battle. I didn’t see any dead people on tv so again when did the invasion happen?

Yep I would love to see Sean start pushing E-verify again today!

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It’s not election season, which is why you aren’t hearing about it.

That’s why it’s not being fixed. It’s the GOP’s favorite modern election issue.

I agree 100 percent.

You make E-Verify required, have an obscene fine for each illegal worker found, and require a National ID that coalesces citizenship, ssa, federal voting into one framework, then I’m all on board. I’ll even support a buildup and subsequent drawdown of funding for interior enforcement to make sure they know we are serious.

Pretty sure Trump told him that would hurt his businesses.

  1. Since E-Verify is a federal program it has been left up to the individual states to implement. Some have and some have not. I think there might be some battles if the feds try to mandate all states to accept the program. And then there is a enforcement problem. The feds would have to expand their resources greatly and/or mandate that the states expand their resources to properly enforce it. Again, possibility of some more push back.
  2. Arizona greatly cut back on public assistance and did see a big reduction of the illegal population. I do believe that some medical assistance is needed as a Samaritan and public health necessity.
  3. Again this gets into a state rights question as well as a enforcement issue.

What concerns me is that Trump and his administration has put all of the focus on the southern border. How about all of the illegals that come over the northern border? And until recently almost 40% of illegals came here by other means then crossing our border and overstayed their visas. It was reported that when Trump was told this fact early on he did not believe it. But I did notice a few weeks ago that the administration admitted that visa overstay was a problem and various departments were considering what efforts were going to be needed to properly enforce visa time-limits.

Time to start holding them accountable, then.

Agreed. The primary entry point is across the southern border. Over 100,000 per month. The southern border is what has overwhelmed us. But we certainly need to look at all violations.

Pretty good ideas, I like them all. I would add rounding up all the Visa holders who overstay and violate the Visa laws and ship them back to their countries that would put a huge dent in the amount of illegals residing in the USA.

E-Verify has been a subject for years that conservatives have talked about and still talk about it today as there are many “simple” solutions to a variety of problems but simplicity doesn’t fly with leftists, they want confusion, anger and chaos!

I wish I knew how. Neither party is in favor of E-verify. It will take a grass roots effort from Sean and others to get this thing going.

What is lacking from the political parties is any serious creativity. They lock on to one idea and lose their ability to think. Tunnel vision. I support the wall. But why do we have to abandon other good ideas to get it?

Are we gonna address the elephant in the room… Trump hire illegals