Which Oscar Nominated Films/Performances Have You Seen (and do you care)

The last film I saw in the theatre was “Equalizer 2.”
The only nominated film I’ve seen so far was the Hollywood thing with DiCaprio and Pitt. I thought it was too long, not terribly interesting except for Brad Pitt, Margo Robbie, Dakota Fanning - creepy and effective in a small role - and the pit bull, who gave the best performance. (Considering the era, I think a pit was the wrong dog choice, but that’s a quibble.)

The only film I’ve wanted to see, and was willing to see in a theatre didn’t play near me, “Uncut Gems”.

I have no idea who all of the major nominees are, and I have no plans to invest my valuable time in watching the programs. My personal opinion is that awards programs and pageants reached the expiration date at least a decade ago.

I saw Joker…great movie and performance by Joaquin Pheonix…one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

i usually rent movies and skip theaters so whenever award shows come up it’s “things you haven’t seen yet” territory.

for best picture i’ve seen:

Once upon a time in hollywood - i enjoyed it but don’t think much of it after, not a huge fan of what the movie was an enjoyed The Hateful Eight more from recent Tarantino.

The Joker - I liked the last twenty minutes or so more than the build.

The Irishman - run time aside it just felt tired, better when Pacino’s character showed up, but I was not impressed no matter what age each actor was trying to be shown as.

Jojo rabbit and parasite come out to rent soon/now so i’ll give those a try too.

The only film up for an Oscar that I saw was Parasite so I can’t make any comparisons but I can certainly understand how it got nominated.

It’s a Hitchcock film in Korean. It’s a blast.

I saw “The Irishman”. I thought it was OK, but I’ve seen better- Goodfellas, for example.

Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa missed the mark a mile. Pacino is nothing like Hoffa.