Which one of Trumps children would likely run for president in the future?

  • Don Jr
  • Ivanka
  • Eric Trump

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In the past 30 years the Bush’s and Clinton’s have dominated politics. If one of Trumps children ran for presidency in let’s say 2024 which would you guess it would probably be, and have the best chance?

I personally say Ivanka, yet Donald Jr might have the biggest following, and seems to be more like his father. Not saying I want this but let’s be real it’s a possibility given the weight of name recognition.

I don’t think Trump will run again he would be 78 and imho that’s way too old to be president so I am assuming one of the children might try.

On a sidenote I wish it was Rand Paul, his politics are closer to mine but that isn’t gonna happen.

I suspect Don Jr. may try to run, but frankly the American people pretty much showed they were tired of political dynasties with Jeb not getting the nod in 2016 and Hillary not getting elected that year.

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Junior has the same ego and intellect as Dad. He’ll form an exploratory team at the very least.

Ivanka might have the best shot, but her husband is just too slimy.

Michele Obama has a chance to get the nod if she ever decided to run.

I’ve heard she doesn’t really like politics, though I know she has campaigned for both Clinton and Biden.

None of them.

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Unfortunately for them, some people seem to worship their daddy… not them. None of them have a chance.

She should have ran in the primaries this year I think a lot of people expected she would, again the name recognition goes a long way.

I don’t know, I think it would all depend on how they did it in the debates. Trump was a one term president deeply unpopular with the opposition but highly popular in his base and was able to bring out people that usually don’t vote Republican.

I really think Ivanka would have the best chance (If she can debate) personally. I could be wrong but I think she wouldn’t be looked at as a negative as let’s say Don Junior who is brash like his father. On the flipside maybe that would give Don Junior the best chance maybe he’s just like his father in the debates.

This country has had it with the Trump family.
Over and done.
They can dream of a dyansty all they want.
But it was one and done.


I would be very surprised if one of his children don’t run for office, it might not be the presidency but maybe the senate or something else. Look at the Kennedy name for instance, it’s probably more rare in the past 50 years if someone doesn’t run who had a family member who held a high office, let alone the presidency.

Wouldn’t her links with China prove to be problematic?

I agree with you, I would find it had to believe a family member doesn’t run considering the amount of votes the father got even though he lost he did better than McCain and Romney, the name alone will garnish a hefty percentage of republican votes.

I don’t know if they would make it out of the primaries, but run? Certainly would put the odds greater than 50%.

I agree.

Donnie junior. A mere shill for his dad, with not an original thought in his head.

Ivanka. vacuous at best

Eric. Yet another shill, not the brightest light.

Barron in 2060 as the Democratic Party candidate.

I prolly won’t be around to see that.



Barron should have also been an option.

Ivanka could be an interesting candidate.


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Coke head Don Jr would be a great choice

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Thus far, I haven’t seen evidence that any of Trump’s children are capable of being President.

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I doubt any of them will, but they will certainly have a mental apartment next to Trump’s mansion in the minds of libs for many years to come. :man_shrugging:


Ivanka will run in 2024. No doubt about it

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