Which Monuments, Which Cities?

Just curious… .

Since rioting, looting, arson, and tearing down monuments and statues is the “In Thing” now next time a cop is murdered in The Line of duty… .

Which Cities Should we burn?

What businesses should we loot, pillage, and burn?

What monuments should we deface and destroy?

Who do we target? Black Lives Matter? Antifa? The DNC?

If this is the new normal I just want to be sure we get it right when it’s our turn.

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CHAZ I suppose?

Hmm… ? Now there’s an Idea.

What monument? Should we dump a load of Manure in the middle of the “city state” and light it on fire in their honor?

I suggest put up a map and throw darts.

What an odd thing to look forward to.


Why do you say that?

I’m not looking forward to it.

Your side created this “new normal”, I just want to be prepared.

Curious. Who is “we”?

People who think blue lives matter.

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Arab Spring all over again.

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The phrase “our turn”. It usually implies “waiting for payback”, but it’s clear from your response you didn’t mean it that way.

Have you ever played cards? Chess? Checkers?

Eventually “your turn” comes around and you are expected to play or leave the game/table.

The activity you described in the OP is not what I’d call a game. As “libs” have tirelessly pointed out for the past three weeks, NO ONE is pro arson or looting.

Right. It’s a Block Party.

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Come on man.

I don’t particularly give a ■■■■ what you call it.

I have it on good authority.

Well, that took a turn.

Oh wow. Already getting to Lincoln. Can’t have him putting on airs above a freed slave.

I am sure it’s just a coincidence that the guy pushing it, is a black artist who does interactive public art. I wonder if he has any thoughts on who they should pay a lot of money to replace it?