Which is worse: lying under oath OR trying, but failing to stop a criminal investigation?

I thought about this while driving to work today.

Back in the 90s, the Republicans made a big deal about Clinton committing obstruction of justice (lying under oath) and wanted him to be impeached and removed from office. The Democrats argued that Clinton broke the law, but it was rather minor/insignificant and the real bad guys were Ken Starr and the GOP.

Now flash forward about 20 years later. We have a situation where the Democrats are up in arms about Trump trying, but failing, to kill the Russia investigation and asking his employees to change their story and fire the chief investigator.

Perhaps I am missing something here. Why is Clinton’s obstruction of justice okay, but Trump’s obstruction of justice (lets not kid ourselves it was) worthy of being impeached and removed from office? And the other side of the coin, why is what Clinton did worthy of being removed and what Trump did was justified?

So which is worse or are they both worthy of being removed from office?

No. Stop.


Both were wrong.

But I will say this I think Clinton did better by not having the AG block the report and plead guilty.