Which is greater threat, Trump or our intelligence community?

I’m hearing that Trump is greatest threat to America then anything else…but I disagree.

I believe a corrupt state that our intelligent and top level of our law enforcement are far greatest threat to our Republic. Presidents come and go…but our bureaucracy just keeps getting bigger and more entrenched as the years go by.


Yes, everyone is a threat other than the man who provably lies a dozen times a day and has spent his entire life demonstrating he is an ignorant, self absorbed piece of trash who will say or do anything as long as it benefits him.


Trump and his supporters really trying to be authoritarians.

This is why I call this political side chick-ism. If there’s anything more emblematic of a side chick then insisting that everyone else in the world is wrong and lying and has an agenda and defending the man who uses her as a booty call, I dunno what it is.


Law enforcement is a necessary evil. That’s why you don’t put someone in charge of them as completely u qualified as trump.

This is just standard-issue populist demagoguery. All enemies of the cult of personality was be defeated and maligned.


Look at libs defending corrupt goverment bureaucracy.

Noticed not one could answer my question.

Anyone with any association with the cabal of Harvard University graduates and their minions at Cambridge University, Georgetown University, Wellesley College and the University of Chicago

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That’s it. The nation has some cause to worry about our legal system. Trump has a LOT of cause to worry about them.

We really need a Cultural Revolution to take down those educated elitists.

Who needs education, anyway?

Definitely Trump. I’m not being biased either. The IC isn’t perfect, but this President is dangerous and a threat to the security of this nation and it’s citizens which include his supporters.

How is he a threat to security of this nation?

Trump is the greater threat, obviously.

I disagree.

Our authoritarian President is the greater threat.

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I love the poorly educated

  • DJT

Neither is a threat. We have one of the premier intelligence communities in the world. Trump is a temporary pimple on this nation’s rear anatomy that will shortly be removed either by voters or term limits. Then the nation can move forward and heal.


Most dangerous in the world…and it’s being used against American people.


I didn’t realize this had turned into a humor forum

If they become a greater threat to this Republic…yes. ATM they’re greater threat then Russia or China.