Which bubble Democratic candidates will make the third debate stage?

So far, we have 8 Democrat candidates qualifying for the September ABC debate in Houston Texas. They are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar.

The current bubble candidates are Andrew Yang, Julian Castro, and Tulsi Gabbard. All three have made the donor requirements of at least 130k individual donors with at least 400 individual donors in at least 20 states. The only thing left for them is the polling requirements. They need at least 2% in at least 4 different qualifying polls between June 28th and August 28th.

Both Yang and Castro need one more qualifying to make it onto the third debate stage. Gabbard needs three more.

Tom Steyer is another possible contender. He has 2 qualifying polls and has yet to disclose his donor list.

Everybody else is pretty much a goner. I also mentioned that the Democrats planned on having two debate nights for September, if they get enough people. It looks like they only need one.

So out of the four bubble candidates – Yang, Castro, Gabbard, and Steyer – which ones will get in?

My vote goes to Yang and Castro, and we will only have one debate in September.

For the love of God, one debate please and I’m going with Castro.

I like Gabbard. I hope she gets in.

Yep. It was ridiculous that they divided the debate into two parts, especially when we only had between 9-10 candidates registering at least 1% in the June and July polls. It’s not really a legit debate if we don’t see Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, and Buttigieg on the same stage as each other.

I am surprise you think Yang-Gang will be left off the debate stage.

Democrats don’t want a Trump plant in the debates.

Me too, but she’s a got a little hill to climb.

To answer the OP, I’m going to say Yang, Castro, and Steyer.

Are they going to have 11 candidates at once or split them into 5 and 6 groups?

If they get to 11, they have to split them up. Having 11 on the stage at one time will not allow anyone to have the time necessary to make solid cases on anything, and the arguing would be unbearable.

Here’s what a bubble looks like…O…and I’ll go with that…hopefully for the country’s sake? :sunglasses:

He’s a decent candidate but let’s be honest here, there’s no way in hell he’ll become the nominee.
Let Warren, Biden, Harris, Pete, Beto, Bernie, Cory, Julian and Amy duke it out.

Yang is probably not going to win. I think Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Harris will end up being top 3 finishers in Iowa or NH. But that was not my question. Yang only needs ONE more qualifying poll to reach the September debate.

I thought they were running for president, not to be a bubble…