Which Bible Do You Like?

I have been reading the Zonderman NIV Study Bible (1984 edition) for many years. I am thinking about getting the John MacArthur NASV Study Bible. I know there are a lot of people that like the John MacArthur ESV version as well.

So if you are familiar, which version do you like and why?

Biblegateway.com. I can flip through different translations with just a couple of clicks. I am not much of one for a commentary Bible.

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Thomas Jefferson’s version…

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They apparently deserved it.

People are so convinced of human goodness these days, having confused niceness for goodness (never mind holiness), they are astonished by wrath.

But really it is grace that is astonishing, what is undeserved.

The human defect isn’t that we’re not moral, but that we’re not righteous / holy.

Christ’s work is the solution for that.

Which one is that?

The New Testament, although technically it is the second half of the same bible. I just prefer to skip out on all the pre Jesus stuff cause those were really dark days then. Sacrifices, children eating, not my thing.

The Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible, is best studied with Rabbinical commentary. Lots. Without it, we seem to miss out on a lot, including what Noah neglected to do that Lot did not. We are also taught about new beginnings, survivor’s guilt, family cover-up, getting help for those suffering from post traumatic stress. The flood and its aftermath is not about God. It’s about humans.

Clearly those lessons couldn’t be learned without casually slaughtering thousands of women and children. No other way to teach those lessons.

Doesnt the fact that they are so many different versions of the bible concern anyone?

I am a Catholic, i believe in god but I dont believe the bible is the word of god.

It is just mans interpretation.

Regardless, the NT generally speaking is not a bad guide to living a good life.

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When people need lawyers to understand the bible, it’s about time God inspired George RR Martin to write a new gospel


Perhaps, but in my sinful nature, I tend to see the Bible as a whole as a made up story tell by man to explain all the things at the time it was written that they did not understand or could explain by the rationality they understood at the time. In other words a way to get people to straighten up and fly right.

That of course could be wrong, but it is what it is.

Water into wine, resurrections, miracles, one fish to feed how many, parting of the seas, humans as a whole came from just two individuals? Come one now.

Those of the faith take solace in that faith, good for them.

The ancients believed is that God is just and that the people of Noah’s day were wicked. The justice of God had to come forth. This is the theme of many of their stories: Man’s misbehavior and God’s justice.

So, @Meriweather, What Bible version do you read?

There is probably a Bible story that is essentially the same in all versions. I can imagine a hundred of us reading that same story and yet producing a hundred different perspectives. People see things differently.

I guess that is what I am asking…What translation do you primarily read?

Plays best as a fable than as actual history. When really thought of it would be a heinous act.

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@Smyrna…What Bible translation do you primarily read?

But if it is gods word then the words should be consistent in all versions. God knows we see things differently so it makes no sense that it would be further complicated by allowing different versions to exist.

The point i am trying to make is that the bible is no more gods words than a menu in a restaurant. It is a religious text written by man.

I am not saying it does not have value or purpose but it is most certainly not Gods word.

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This depends on what I am studying. When I am studying the Old Testament, I tend to read a Hebrew Bible (on line). For the New Testament I have a comparative Study Bible which includes (side-by-side) the King James Version, Amplified Bible, New American Standard, New International Version. I also have a Catholic study version of the New American Standard. Because of a lot of other reading I do, I also read many passages from the Daily Study Bible.

Daily News and Bible…works great to use many sources, not just one.

Do you believe all floods are sent and directed by God? Do you believe some are and some are not?