Where Should Tom Brady Plays Next Season?

I wish he retires. But, now that he said he won’t, I hope he stays in New England. But, does Belichick wants him?

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Arizona Rattlers

Now that Dallas has a decent head coach, perhaps with one of the other NFC East teams. Maybe get to steam roller him a few times. :smile:

During the game the other day Tony Romo speculated that Brady would play for the Chargers.

It looks like Brady could be bolting to Las Vegas.

Wherever he plays, I’m hoping Father Time claims his victim, and I get treated to Brady being benched at halftime after throwing three interceptions and fumbling twice.

I vote for the London Sillinannies. :rofl:

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At home playing Madden on his PS4. The game’s changed over the years, and if he goes to another team he’s gonna have to learn a whole new system.

Brady is done. I play daily fantasy football and didn’t use him once all season and it didn’t hurt me once.

Same here.
Hell didn’t even use him for single games when he was the higher priced QB of the 2 QB’s. Also, in season fantasy this was the first year had a team(s) that didn’t have Tom Brady.

IMO his biggest problem at this stage of his career is, he cant buy time in the pocket anymore for his receivers to get open.

Well, it looks like Brady is saying adios to the Pats.

They still haven’t reached out to him. Ingrates.

Get ready for the Pats faithful to burn Brady’s jersey like Cavs fans did when LeBron left Cleveland the first time.

Tom Brady may be traded to San Francisco to play for his hometown 49ers in exchange for Jimmy G.

You got to love that Belichick. :roll_eyes:

Brady is a UFA that can’t be tagged. So, unless you’re predicting the Pats sign Brady just so they trade him, then no.

A sign and trade deal was the rumor.

Vegas raiders.

He’ll be king of the city.

Well, Brady has officially quit the Patriots, new team as yet unknown.

Looks like it’s down to either the Chargers or the Bucs. He’d have better weapons in Tampa and wouldn’t be in the same division with KC.

Yeah…Tampa got 2 stud receivers along with a decent RB, but the Chargers are not that bad either especially with their running game (if Melvin Gordon can stay healthy).

Have any of these aging QB’s ever done well after leaving the coach and the system they had success with? It would be foolish for any team to sign him for significant dollars.