WHERE’S THE BEEF? Top University to Ban Burgers to ‘Save Planet Earth’

Originally published at: WHERE’S THE BEEF? Top University to Ban Burgers to ‘Save Planet Earth’ | Sean Hannity

A leading university in the United Kingdom confirmed this week their plans to eliminate the sale of hamburgers and other beef products to help “save the planet” and “tackle climate change.”

“Beef burgers have been banned by a university as part of efforts to tackle the climate emergency,” reports Yahoo News. “Goldsmiths, University of London said it is to remove all beef products from sale from next month as the institution attempts to become carbon neutral by 2025.”

The university will also impose a tax on plastic water bottles and single-serving disposable cups.

“Though I have only just arrived at Goldsmiths, it is immediately obvious that our staff and students care passionately about the future of our environment and that they are determined to help deliver the step change we need to cut our carbon footprint drastically and as quickly as possible,” said one administrator. “Declaring a climate emergency cannot be empty words. I truly believe we face a defining moment in global history and Goldsmiths now stands shoulder to shoulder with other organisations willing to call the alarm and take urgent action to cut carbon use.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a similar announcement earlier this year; vowing to reduce the consumption of red meat at NYC-owned facilities across all five boroughs.

“New York City is strengthening its climate leadership by acknowledging the importance of slashing consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions associated with factory farmed meat. Eliminating processed meat and cutting red meat purchases will pay dividends for the health of future generations and the planet,” said Friends of the Earth program manager Chloe Waterman.

“We applaud Mayor de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and all of the advocates who made today’s announcement possible. We hope other cities will soon follow suit,” she added.

De Blasio’s commitment comes just days after he promised to ban “classic” steel and glass skyscraper construction throughout New York City.

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What next beans?