Where on the site is the Hannity Interactive Election map?

Hi. I was listening to Sean’s radio show the other day and he was talking a lot about the election map resource on Hannity.com. He said it was an “interactive map” and you can see who is running in races all over the country, etc.

I may be totally not seeing this…but I can’t find this. Could someone point me in the right direction? Provide a link?

What I’d really love is some guidance from Hannity as to which races are close for the Senate & House across the country. I’d love to send donations directly to the Republicans in tight races instead of sending to big fundraising groups like NRSC, etc. I think the money going directly to the candidates will be best spent by them.

Thanks for you help.

That is excellent question. I’m unable to find it myself.

You are not some, I’ve been searching and can’t find it. Someone please help.

If it’s not on Hannity.com then no.