Where Is The Systemic Racism?!?

It seems like most people can’t just keep it simple. Maybe, people - and the MEDIA - want to just keep all the b.s. going…when, there is nothing there. I routinely ask people, “Do you know what the percentage of African American population is in our country?” I am so surprised how most people don’t know something so simple as that! It…is…13%. 13%. 13%. You can look it up and know that in a heart beat. Yet, young people respond, “…Oh, I don’t know…40%?” Adults: “…25…30%?” …it is 13%. YET:

13% of the American population is African American. Yet, on T.V. commercials, it is 60% to 65%. Sometimes, I believe even higher. WHERE IS THE SYSTEMIC RACISM?!?

13% of the American population is African American. Yet, one of the richest women - if not THE richest woman - in our country is Oprah Winfrey. WHERE IS THE SYSTEMIC RACISM!?!

13% of the American population is African American. Yet, we elected twice an African American President. WHERE IS THE SYSTEMIC RACISM?!?

13% of the American population is African American. Yet, I worked with many African Americans in the L.A. Basin that lived in Million dollar houses and drove Jaguars and Mercedes. WHERE IS THE SYSTEMIC RACISM?!?

I worked with an African American lady that told me that she hates white people. THAT is racism! I had a Vietnamese neighbor that made a comment about our neighborhood, “…There are too many white people living here.” THAT is racism!

I have an old Look Magazine from 1954. EVERY photo has only lily white people in them. EVERY article is about white people only. That is not the case AT ALL today. So, if we have changed dramatically…where is the racism? If black people suffer…so do white people. If some black people are poor…so are some white people. If the world is unkind to black people…welcome to life: White people experience unkindness, too! Oh, and I have been stopped by the police. I respond, “Yes sir…and no sir.”


racism is pretty much only practiced on the left now, toward whites

just look at what that idiot Hirono said, with other fellow leftist racist idiot Duckworth


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It must be in the liberal controlled Democrat inner cities because that’s where almost ALL of our country’s violence is. If it exists, it’s in lib cities. When will they stop pointing their fingers and simply look in the mirror?

You people stay posting ignorant ish like this, trying to make these BS juxtapositions. Kick rocks!

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glad someone else realizes my good man!

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There is none.

I, you and no one else owe anyone anything for all of the decades of dimocrat failures. They’ve done zero to help anyone and the same idiots keep voting for more of the same.

Their choice…not my problem.

Funny how libs come onto threads, such as this, and give meaningless tripe.
I think the op is spot on. I would like to add if there is a systemic racism it is coming from the democrats. The op mentions successful black people. They are of no interest to the democrats or the black community, culturally speaking. The affluent blacks are of no use to either parties.

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I see you didn’t exactly answer the question. Is this one of those forbidden woke questions?

Duck Worth and Hirono, a certifiable moron…just announced they won’t be supporting any cabinet nominees who aren’t the right skin color.

The worst racism in America is on the left…they seem to feel it is necessary to divide us by color while constantly lying about racism on the right.


you’ll know this post nails it if some insufferable leftist comes in and remarks about the spectator aspect of it instead of daring to engage in the discussion. cant blame them. thats hard

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yep. you got this Rodeo

keep posting!

notice no one dare disputes

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Systemic racism is what they use when they cannot find much real racism. If they can’t blame anybody, blame everybody. I think America is getting pretty sick of the stupid racial game. We’ve had enough.


ha well yeah the non stupid programmable “aint nobody got time for that” idiot robot left

“shhhhh. everyone stop posting. they beat us”


all the time

I m convinced leftists are actually inventing racism where none exists and in defiance of the massive progress this country has made on race relations…

It’s one of the many reasons I have so little trust in our friends in the left. If they are willing to lie about non existent racism for some perceived political advantage…what else are the perfectly willing to lie about.


They aren’t your friends.


Just trying not to be disagreeable in my disagreement.

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They see us as the enemy.