Where is the most dangerous place for a black person in America?

Rural Alabama? The West Virginia mountains? A Kentucky back road?
No, Nope and Hell no.
It’s in a democratic controlled city. Yup. And nothing else is even close. Check out this ad from this fresh, pretty face running for congress in Baltimore. She absolutely nails it. She’s only about 1000 times better than the slugs they have there now. Check her out!


Oh, and the answer is…the womb.


what is Republican solution to fixing the inner cities, outside of blaming Democrats for not caring?

Congratulations for discovering that the ghetto is a dangerous place for its residents.


Damn dude.

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I would say check her website and see what she says. Do you think dems deserve yet another chance to do nothing?

Congratulations for discovering that crime was going down until democrats declared war on po-leece.

She’s good though, right?

has the police funding in Baltimore been cut?

You forgot to answer my question before posting your own.

She’s good though, right?

Nothing in that link say their funding was cut.

Are you serious?

She is good at offering no solutions.

show me where in that link it talks about police budgets.

He didn’t say anything about defunding or budgets, he said “declared war”.

Are you ok? Just trying to build a narrative?

So what is the war, arresting bad cops?
are you suggesting Freddie Gray deserved to die

Come on man. At least try.

I read the article, what about the Freddie Gray case was a “War on the Police”

Your article suggest that the police of Baltimore care more about protecting bad cops then they do about protecting the citizen of their city.

it seem the issue is the police.


These arguments are shooting yourselves in the feet, and it’s so crazy you can’t see it.