Where IS the Line?

Iowa voter asks Senator Joni Ernst to what lengths she will go to defend Trump. Pretty important question these days.

Iowa isn’t a solid red state so for her the line may just be her own personal conviction.

This second hand knowledge talking point Ernst spews was decimated by Trump’s own acknowledgments over the past few days. Ernst is either a liar or a stupid. Either way, useless to her constituents.

I believe that she is going to really start to feel the heat from Farmers in her state. Corn Farmers really got hurt by Trump. And there are quite a few Farmers in her state who are on the verge of losing their farms.
She has said a couple of negative things about Trump’s policies regarding Farmers. But for the most part she has been a good little supporter of the president.

Ernst’s refusal to take a stand is striking. Profile in Cowardice.

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The line is between the truth…and a lie. What went on regarding this fake Russian collusion was a lie, perpetuated by a unified entity whose sole goal was to exonerate Hillary and after she lost, to take down Trump. This needs to be fully exposed so that even the blind among us…can see.

Wow. That’s just spineless.

You should start a thread…about that.

I think what most liberals are missing is that this isn’t about right and wrong, it’s about winning and losing. I’ve attached my entire worldview to this man and I am going down with the ship. Not one of you is going to convince me otherwise.


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Republicans have been running the DOJ for over 2 1/2 years, but Hillary never got indicted during that time.


How hard could it be, with all that evidence out there so easy to see, all the drips connected in tick tock fashion?

Complete ineptitude?

Maybe that’s why Trump keeps asking foreign governments to do investigations @LucyLou, complete ineptness.

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Yep and that’s in part why Sessions was replaced.

Anybody who doesn’t want to “get Trump” is going to any lengths to defend Trump.
We understand.
“Get Trump” for personal political gain.

Republican politicians will start standing up when Trump World no longer holds their political careers by the short hairs.

Kudos to the woman for holding Ernst’s feet to the fire.


Donald’s just waiting for 2020 to strike, she’ll be lumped in with the rest of the Obama criminal cabal and the DEMOCRAT party will be extinct by the end of it all! Testify and sing praises in his name for the coming Year of Jubilee!