Where is the Equality in Chapel Hill?

If a man was to run up to a woman, unprovoked, and just start punching her in the face and stomach while screaming and cursing at her, what would you expect to happen by the police?

In this case a woman ran up to a man, unprovoked and started punching him in the face, 3 to 4 times and also hit him in the stomach while screaming at him that he is a terrible person. The whole event was caught on video. The police were called and they cited her with a citation to appear in court, but never actually arrested her.

Does this sound like equality under the law?

The video is here: https://youtu.be/6PF0IksDNLc

Her unprovoked attack is at the 25 second mark, and the officers response is at the 1:30 mark. There is absoultly no reason for anyone to put their hands on another human being. She should be kicked out of UNC and be permanetly banned from ever taking classes there again. If there were serious repercussions for student violence, then it would stop. I wonder what UNC will do about this.

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Shes been charged. She has to go to court.

Sure…If the roles were reversed, and it was a man hitting a woman, would he have been cited and released?

There is definitely a double standard on display here. It is wrong. I am fine with a man being arrested for striking a woman. She should have been arrested and hauled off in cuffs as well.

I don’t know for sure. Assault is wrong and against the law, but probably treated differently if the victim is walking around talking about it vs being taken to the hospital as a bloody broken mess.

I hope she gets serious sanctions from the University. That usually takes a little time.

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Thanks…I’ll try

I think the severity of the punishment should be commensurate with the severity of the injuries.

Even though the woman is completely in the wrong, I think that the guy who got punched got near exactly what he was hoping for.

Was he wearing a mini skirt?

I guess that’s the difference between your views and mine. If a man had charged at a woman, like she did to him, and for what ever reason he was not able to hit her, but just cuss her, I would still be all for his incarceration. This type of behavior should never be condoned or justified. It appears to me, you are doing both.

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Why is this in politics?

You’re advocating jail time for bad language? And you wonder why we have a problem with police brutality.

I didn’t say she shouldn’t be arrested. Clearly she earned that much.

Thanks…I’m glad you see that.

No one should be able to strike another and get away with a “Citation”. Even 24 hours in a local jail cell will teach many an important life lesson.

Either way, she is being charged with assault and that is what she will face in court. She is not getting off scott free.

Then a man in a similar situation should also just receive a citation. There shouldnt be different sets of rules for males and females.

Are you the one to ask where something can be posted?

How do I contact you in the future to get your permission?

As the officer in the video explained, it was an arrest. It was an arrest by citation. The officer executed prosecutorial judgement as to whether to put her in cuffs and take her to jail. Why waste resources unnecessarily on a class 2 misdemeanor? She was charged and she has to appear in court. The evidence against her is overwhelming and she will likely be proven guilty. It can carry a jail sentence of up to 30 days.

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Apparently, I am, since I did.

Again, why is this in politics?

It sucks, hopefully she gets a few nights in jail. You cannot do this.

But the only reason rw media has glommed on is because she’s assaulting a pro life activist. So theres plenty of double standards and false outrage to go around.

Ah. I didn’t notice that. Makes sense.