Where is the concerned citizns petition

Where is the petition to hold lthe Communist Party of Cina responsible for spread of Coronavirus pandemic?

I want to make myself clear, I am not interested in conspiracy, but, want to hold the communist party of china responsible. So I would appreciate a restrain of sniping from.the saferoom crowd. CoronaVirus originated in Wuhan, China.

Information was supressed and silenced from at least November - December. It appears there may have been rumors in Taiwan from mid to late October.

The Communist Party’s (not the Chinese people or are victim.to the police state) incompetence allowed the virus to spread to pandemic proportions. Their (the communist party) secrecy of the virus and allowing unrestricted travel to other parts of the world spread the pandemic.

So as you can see I hold no whako conspiracy theories.

However I am now closely monitoring our military readiness. (2) Two US Aircraft carriers a now affected, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan


Attack China now … or later? I say now.

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You could potentially join the class-action lawsuit against the government of China:

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Someone floated the idea that US might persuade or force (no idea how) China to mutually agree to “tear up” their US debt holdings. More realistically a “negotiation” of some sort where both sides declare victory could happen. I do not think Trump will let China off with a shrug … “who’s gonna pay for the virus?” - and the crowd roars CHI-na!!!


Thank you Bill I already know of that case that was filed. I may join it or another.

In saying that, petitions are really opinions. I want a good rational discussion, which you are noted gor, by the way. I am very glad you shared

Do you want to know if such a petition exists or do you want to start one?

And to what purpose?

Expand on the floated idea. I want each of us to share how the Wuhan Coronavirus has affected our lives. Your thoughts and opinions of the political and economical impact is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your initial comment. Stay strong, we will get through this.

So create one.

I cannot believe it mobulis.

I want to make myself clear, I am not interested in conspiracy, but, want to hold the communist party of china responsible. So I would appreciate a restrain of sniping from.the saferoom crowd. CoronaVirus originated in Wuhan, China.


Good plan. That will be almost as effective as Michelle Obama’s hashtag #bringbackourgirls when Boko Haram kidnapped those young women. :+1:

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Chi-coms will be shakin’ in their boots.

No their propaganda machine is working hard to deflect the Chinese Communist Party culpability

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Let’s discuss why Chinese Communist Party was so secretive of the pandemic until it spread out of control.

From the very beginning, the Communist Party of China lied about the disease, lowering the numbers and locking up doctors who spoke about the outbreak.

After battling this new virus for two - three months (if the earliest reports from Taiwan were accurate, the Chinese communist party admitted to having a problem, yet refused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s offers of help.

Moreover, China is taking action against those who call it the Wuhan virus and is blaming the USA for the virus.

Should not the Chinese Communist Party be held accountable for the cover-up of the outbreak and for impending global recession?

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I’d just say be careful what you wish for. If any disease happens to start in the US in the future, and we set this kind of precedent, nations could always try to get us to pay reparations.

I am very concerned about our military readiness during this pandemic: (2) Two US Aircraft carriers a now affected USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan.. Hope our silent service is on lockdown and the relief crews are in preventative isolation.

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I am not sure what the world will look like on the other side of this pandemic. Your concerns and comment are both appreciated. We must remember where this pandemic started and the secretive actions of the Chinese Communist Party.

I am glad we have developed a 15 minute test for Coronavirus. It will be a great help to protect our military preparedness. Yes we have to not forget our national vulnerability.

I hope the world will work together on this pandemic.

No one has forgotten what China did.

No one is trying to cover for them.

The rest of the world is kinda busy right now but they will not forget this.

Which is why I again ask why you want a concerned citizens petition.

What purpose would it serve?

I would like urge everyone as I previously stated it is not the Chinese people who are responsible, it is the Chinese communist party. The Chinese people are victims of the communist party too. I have kept all my friends if Chinese origin and would not blame them. I realize that there are some sections of our country that at bigots, but as a nation we are not. Spare me the racism Vincent.

Italy had a hug a chinese program of solidarity with returning Chinese that may have led to their devistating outbreak as Chinese returning from.china where in their hug a Chinese program. Venice was really hit hard.

We can be friends and assimilate, but, Iwould not be swapping spit and would expect social distancing with all my friends Asian, Caucasian, etc.

The op has changed like normal in this open discussion forum. I answered your question, but you have chose to.ignore it. That is typical with you JayJay. You may put me on ignore so I do not upset you in your saferoom. My family is in the front line of this pandemic. Please refrain from visiting. Bye.